Medical Assistants Feel the Impact of Current Healthcare Trends

Posted On November 11,2019

Medical Assistants Feel the Impact of Current Healthcare TrendsHealthcare trends are impacting medical assistant jobs in a variety of ways. These trends are leading to a gradual evolving of the medical assistant position.

Fortunately, industry trends are making a positive impact on medical assistant work. If you are thinking about starting a career in the medical field, you owe it to yourself to yourself to learn all you can about medical assisting. 

Let’s take a quick look at how the healthcare industry’s current trends are affecting medical assistant duties and responsibilities.

The Rise of Telehealth

Telehealth is a rapidly expanding field of medicine. Telehealth will impact many more aspects of healthcare as time progresses. This tech-centered version of medical care is a collection of methods for improving health services, health education, and public health with telecommunications technology. Even something as simple as emailing with a medical care provider qualifies as telehealth. Additional examples of telehalth include web-based health portals, appointment reminders sent by text, and apps that monitor activity levels.

The telehealth field will expand even more in the future, especially for those living in rural areas where it is difficult to access medical facilities. Medical assistants will help patients use the latest tech innovations necessary to get the most value out of telehealth. Furthermore, medical assistants will also prove invaluable in the analysis of the data transmitted through telehealth technology. In some cases, advancements in tech will connect patients and medical assistants directly to one another to facilitate care.

How Data Analytics Affects Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Medical assistant positions tend to be more fluid than most other jobs at clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Thanks to data analytics, medical assistants are empowered to do that and much more. The implementation of data analytics in healthcare really does make medical assistant work that much more varied and subsequently, that much more important. As time progresses and data analytics becomes fully integrated in medical settings, hospital administrators and researchers will become increasingly dependent on medical assistants to gather copious amounts of data. This abundance of data must be sorted through to uncover important insights that ultimately make the delivery of healthcare as efficient as possible.

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The Personalization of Medicine

Personalized medicine has been on the upswing in recent years. Every single patient has unique genetics and health challenges that mandate a personalized approach to medicine. Medical assistants will play a pivotal role helping to personalize medicine for each patient’s specific needs and genetics. Medical assistants carefully review patient profiles, medical reports, and other information to tailor medical services to each patient’s unique health maladies.

Chat Bots’ Impact on Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Medical assistants are now relying on information collected by chat bots to administer healthcare. Artificial intelligence and commands power chat bots. These bots can complete basic functions as well as complex functions spurred by data and algorithms to self-learn and collect information from patients. Certain chat bots act as secretaries of sorts, connecting patients directly to medical assistants, doctors, and other healthcare providers. Medical assistants should not feel threatened by AI chat bots in the slightest. These bots are emerging as quite the importanttool for gathering information from patients. Medical assistants analyze information collected from chatbots, using it to improve healthcare and ultimately provide service tailored to each patient’s idiosyncratic health needs.

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