It’s Time to Become a Medical Assistant

Posted On February 5,2021

Training for a new career during uncertain times requires a small amount of risk, especially with unemployment on the rise and the promise of job security remaining unknown. However, there is one industry that continues to rise above, despite the circumstances, and that’s the healthcare industry. If you’re seeking a recession proof occupation, becoming a medical assistant is a smart investment for your time and money.

The demand for certified medical assistants is only getting stronger, so right now is the perfect time to secure your future with a career in healthcare that requires only a small amount of time and money and in return provides you with plenty of big rewards.

Join the Workforce Quickly

Unlike other healthcare related careers, medical assistant training programs are relatively short by comparison. While the program length will vary depending on the school, many programs can be completed in one year or less. For the prospective student who can’t afford to commit to multiple years of education and needs to start earning money quickly, medical assisting is an attractive option. 

Job Security and Hiring Demand

While no career can offer 100 percent certainty when it comes to job security, medical assisting comes close. Due to the aging population, and other circumstances, it’s not showing any signs of slowing down in the future. Medical assisting is projected to grow 23 percent through 2028. As long as there are patients, there will always be a high demand for certified healthcare workers.

Good Pay and Benefits

Another benefit to becoming a medical assistant is the ability to earn competitive wages. The healthcare field offers good pay and benefits, and a career in medical assisting is no exception. There are certain factors that can affect a medical assistant’s salary such as experience, training, certification, and location. Certified medical assistants earn more money than those without certification, and often get the added benefits of better shifts, greater employability, as well as increased opportunities for advancement.

Job Growth Opportunities

There is plenty of opportunity for advancement after becoming a medical assistant. Certification is the first step in advancing your career, so it’s imperative that you attend an accredited medical assisting program, as only those who complete an accredited program are eligible to take the exam to become certified.

After becoming a certified medical assistant and gaining some work experience, the sky’s the limit with job growth opportunities. Many medical assistants decide to transition into the administrative side of healthcare, such as office management, while others continue to enhance their clinical skills, such as specializing in a particular area of medicine.  

Sense of Purpose

There’s no greater feeling of accomplishment than helping to make the world a better place. Medical assistants get paid to help people, giving them a sense of pride and purpose in their career choice. Medical assistants get the opportunity to make a difference on a daily basis by working closely with patients. Even something as simple as a reassuring smile can help improve the life of someone.

Why Act Now?

The healthcare industry is growing faster than any other industry. If you’re looking for a career where you can make a difference, earn a great wage and benefits, and find plenty of opportunities for job growth, medical assisting is a great choice. Take control of your future by contacting Athena Career Academy. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your life could be a year from now.