Is Medical Assisting a Good Career?

Posted On July 15,2022

If you’ve been considering a new career, a job in the healthcare field will always be in high demand. Medical assisting is an excellent option for people who want to help others and make a difference. Medical assistants are on the frontline of healthcare and an essential team player in any healthcare facility. As an MA you will carry out clinical and administrative duties and keep the office running smoothly behind the scenes. In addition to a rewarding, essential job, there are many other benefits to becoming a medical assistant.Medical team walking down the hallway in a hospital.

Fast Training 

Becoming a nurse or doctor requires years of intensive schooling and training. While those are rewarding professions, not everyone has the time or money to commit to such a grueling process. However, when you choose to become a medical assistant, you drastically reduce the training and financial commitment. Many programs are designed to be completed in one year or less, with many providing flexible day and evening classes so you can work and pay the bills while attending school to train for a better career. 

Job Security 

With many careers there’s uncertainty about finding a job after graduation, but medical assisting is thriving. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment of medical assistants is projected to grow substantially nationwide by 23 percent through 2028. This projected growth rate is much faster than the 5 percent average for all other occupations. This demand is attributed to an aging baby boomer population, in addition to healthcare facilities realizing how useful CMAs can be with their vast skill set. 

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Versatile Job Duties 

Medical assistants don’t just perform one task throughout the day, but rather perform a wide variety of administrative and clinical duties. These tasks might range from prepping exam rooms and drawing blood to scheduling patient appointments and filling out insurance claims in the front office. In addition to learning a versatile skill set, medical assistants can work in various settings, including hospitals, urgent care clinics, public health agencies, outpatient care centers, rehabilitation centers, and more. 

Consistent Schedules 

Many careers in the healthcare industry require long, irregular hours. If you become a medical assistant, there’s a good chance you’ll work a predictable and steady work schedule. For example, if you work in a clinic, your shift follows the clinic’s standard business hours. This type of shift provides a greater work-life balance, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones. In addition, a better work-life balance leads to greater job satisfaction. 

Advancement Opportunities 

There’s no shortage of opportunities for advancement if you decide to become a medical assistant. While medical assisting is a perfect entry level position into the healthcare industry, it also lets you expand your horizons to pursue similar careers. After gaining experience in the field, you can specialize in an area of medicine that interests you or use your administrative experience to become a medical office manager or medical billing and coding specialist. There are plenty of amazing advancement opportunities for medical assistants to explore. 

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Medical Assisting is an Excellent Career

As you can see, medical assisting is an excellent career choice for many reasons. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a medical assistant is the chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Building a relationship with patients can be an extremely positive aspect of this exciting and rewarding career. 

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