Importance of Certified Medical Assistants in Healthcare

Posted On October 14,2020

Certified medical assistants possess a multitude of critical skills, making them one of the most versatile and essential members of any healthcare team. Unlike other allied healthcare workers, certified medical assistants (CMA’s) are trained to perform both clinical and administrative duties, allowing them to help whenever they are needed most. 

Medical assistant in a hospital helping patients.

They are the First Point of Contact

Before a patient sees the doctor, the first person they often come into contact with is a medical assistant. Physicians count on their CMA’s to be warm and welcoming, which helps to set a positive tone for the entire office. Medical assistants not only check patients in, but they document vital signs and patient information that the physician needs in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Certified medical assistants are the face of the practice and have valuable customer service skills, as well as confidence in their abilities that can help put nervous patients at ease. Medical facilities can be an anxiety inducing atmosphere for some patients, but a good CMA ensures that their visit is as calm and pleasant as possible.

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They are Multitasking Experts

Part of what makes a CMA so unique and essential, is their ability to multitask and work on several tasks at once. It’s a skill that most CMA’s do better than most as medical assistants are cross trained to perform a wide variety of skills, from administrative to clinical duties.

With so many interesting and exciting duties CMA’s get to perform on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why so many prospective healthcare students are making the wise decision to become a certified medical assistant.

Administrative Duties May Include:

  • Phone and email triage
  • Updating patient medical records
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Bookkeeping and billing
  • Completing insurance paperwork

Clinical Duties May Include:

  • Assisting patients in preparing for exam
  • Assisting physicians during an exam
  • Conducting basic tests
  • Administering EKG’s
  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Drawing blood and giving injections
  • Changing dressings and wound care
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Medical assistants are an important and critical aspect of any healthcare facility as they help keep the office running smoothly by being able to jump in and help out wherever they are needed the most, even if that means juggling multiple responsibilities at once. This helps keep the physician on top of their schedule, which prevents patients from having to wait too long in the waiting room or exam room.

They Are the Glue That Holds Everything Together

Certified medical assistants help hold the healthcare team together by serving as a liaison between patients, family members, insurance companies, providers, and specialists. Some patients may have some concerns about certain tests or procedures and wonder if they are necessary, and it’s often the medical assistant who is there to help reassure them by giving them the reasoning behind each test and why it’s necessary or recommended

Physicians in the healthcare system know and understand the importance of certified medical assistants and the true value they bring to the industry. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill all of the duties and responsibilities of the day without them. When it comes to patient relations, medical assistants are the center, or heart of it all.

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