How to Write Your Medical Assistant Resume Objective?

Posted On November 6,2017

How to Write your Medical Assistant Resume Objective Athena Career Academy

One way to make your resume standout in a sea of resumes is to include a catchy objective that gives the interviewer a glimpse into your personality and your suitability for the job. Think about the hiring manager when writing your resume; the individual has very little time to go through hundreds or thousands of resumes; a clear objective will help you stand out and gain the right attention from a potential employer.

Personalize your Resume

Think of creative ways of adding personal details to your resume. Try to include details about your personality that can help you thrive in a busy medical setting. Make a list of your priorities, hobbies, favorite activities and strong points; this list will help you in finding a personal trait you can use to sell off your skills as a medical assistant. For example, if you love working with children, adding this to your objective can help you edge out competition when applying to work in a pediatric or dental clinic.

Keep it Short

Make your objective short and sweet; the goal is to interest the hiring manager and make them curious enough to read more of your resume. Start by writing a statement that speaks to your experience in the medical field and then summarize it until you have a sentence or two that portray you as the best candidate for the job. For example, if you are applying to a pediatric clinic, you can include words such as ‘takes pleasure in watching young children smile as I assist their parents get through the administrative process as quickly as possible’. Your objective should reflect your attitude towards your role as a medical assistant, including your interest in working with people.

Choose your Word Carefully

Choose the words you use on your objective carefully; you do not have the luxury of making it long or using flowery language. Create several drafts and play around with different words and adjectives until you find the right combination. Once you have the first draft, sleep on it and revise it the next day. You can share it with your friends, family, mentors or colleagues who can help you improve the objective. Patience will help you get the right combination of words for your objective.

Consider the Employer

Every medical assistant position requires a unique set of skills; do your desk research to find out more about the potential employer. Visit their website, look at their mission, vision and values; they will guide you towards finding a common point of interest between what they represent and your personal value. Finding similarities between you and your potential employer makes it easy for you to write an objective that is honest and appealing.

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The Role of the Objective

When applying for a medical assistant’s position, you objective must show a potential employer that you have the skills and passion to work with patients on a daily basis. The language and words you use should portray enthusiasm and positivity towards people and the medical profession. Emphasize on your organizational and customer service skills to a potential employer.

A quality objective will summarize your experience, present you as the best candidate for the position and communicate your personality. Look at it as an opportunity to celebrate and showcase your interest in working in the medical field and your past achievements or experiences in preparation for the role. Athena Careers Academy prepares you with the practical skills you need as a medical assistant, with additional mentoring to help you write a stellar resume.