How to Ensure My Credits Transfer for the LPN to RN Program

Posted On July 11,2017


An LPN to RN program is quite essential when you are looking to advance your career. While most programs offer an easy application process, you must transfer your credits to make sure you meet all the credit requirements for your ADN or BSN degree and for the NCLEX-RN exam. Depending on your educational background, the credit transfer process can be easy and fast or lengthy.

Speak to the Institution Early

Credit transfers for LPN to RN programs can get complex fast. Talk to a program representative in the program you are looking to join in advance to learn about their specific transfer requirements and institutional transfer policies. Some schools will consider your transfer request prior to the application process, while others may ask you to fulfill certain application requirements, including paying an application fee before making any considerations. Such conversations also help you learn what types of credits you can transfer and how the overall transfer will affect the credits you have to take for the LPN to RN program.

Learn About LPN to RN Credit Transfer Requirements

Each LPN to RN program has specific credit transfer requirements you must follow to get into the program. Some of the requirements include a credit evaluation and official transcript sent directly from your previous school and NACES evaluation for foreign transcripts. After you submit your transcripts and a successful credit evaluation, the institution may review your courses for transferability. This helps the school ascertain that your courses and congruent with their LPN to RN program.

Bridge LPN to RN Programs

A lot of your work and preparation for LPN to RN programs will require nursing related courses; however, you still need non-nursing courses to get into a program and later when working as a registered nurse. Thus, you must take some pre-requisite courses, depending on your educational background, before you transfer your credits successfully. The general pre-requisite categories include anatomy and physiology, general chemistry, Biology and English composition. If you have taken these courses in the recent past, you can transfer your credits successfully. However, some schools may ask you to retake the pre-requisites if you took them more than five, seven or ten years ago.

Online or Long Distance Learning

The school that prepared you for your practical nursing exam will willingly accept you into their LPN to RN program, with very few credit transfer conditions. If they have an existing online or long-distance LPN to RN program, consider advancing your studies there. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of time, energy and resources on the credit transfer process. You also save yourself the work related with finding a program that accepts your former school’s accreditation.

Credit transfers take time and a lot of paperwork, where you have to involve your former school to get accredited transcripts and any other required document. Make sure you prepare a checklist before embarking on the process, as it will save you time and frustrations in the process.

If you are looking for an institution to help you with the credit transfer process, contact Athena Careers Academy and you could soon be on your way to acquiring your RN license.