How to Determine if the RN Program is Right for You

Posted On February 23,2017


Jumping into something new makes you anxious; the uncertainty of the challenges and hurdles ahead leave you scared – especially when the program plays a critical role in determining the career you will pursue in the long-term. Choosing a program that prepares you to qualify as a registered nurse (RN) is the same. Extensive research, speaking to professionals, and witnessing nurses at work can help you determine if the RN program is right for you.

There are a few factors to consider before you settle on a RN program:

Financial Security

In the beginning, your only motivation is your passion to help others. However, opportunities for RNs will continue to increase and offer better compensation as your experience grows. A nursing career prepares you to work in any state with several opportunities available abroad, and it also guarantees you job and financial security throughout. Plus, you will get to access both full-time and part-time opportunities to suit your lifestyle.

Career Advancement

New technology and medical breakthroughs mean that you must continually learn new techniques to apply to your work. Each new development offers an exciting opportunity for you to develop your patient care skills and work with the latest gadgets and equipment. Skills such as time management, leadership, writing, and clinical experience, which you gain working as a RN, prepare you to take on diverse responsibilities.  

You also gain new skills and knowledge by attending workshops and seminars relevant to your work. The accumulation of knowledge, skills and experience prepare you to access both linear and lateral career advancement opportunities such as teaching, research, consultancy, and administrative roles. However, some high-level opportunities may demand a masters or doctorate degree.


Nursing requires a great deal of patience, compassion and helpfulness. Your work revolves around caring for others and working to make their lives better. If you genuinely enjoy working with people and caring for others, then the RN program is the right choice for you.

Consult Experts and Mentors

Volunteer to work at a nursing or home care facility to experience what patient care entails. Ask the RN present as many questions as possible, and offer to help with minor tasks to gain more insight into the job. Alternatively, consult extensively with career and admission counselors for information on the RN program; they will answer your questions and help you choose the most suitable program for you.

Additionally, you must understand that the RN program is an intensive learning experience that demands long hours, extensive research, and a lot of reading. Mentors and experts in the field advise you on the subjects to take, guide you when choosing specialty courses, and can help you with tips to help improve your performance in exams.

Oral and Writing Skills

As a RN, you will interact with people throughout your work. Excellent oral and written skills will help you improve your communication and make work easier. During patient care, you must monitor their symptoms and changes to report to doctors, and give instructions to relatives on the proper care needed once a patient gets their discharge papers.


A RN program is a huge step both in your education and in your career. Ultimately, the decision on whether to enroll into a program lies with you. Get the facts right before hand and understand your long-term career prospects. Additionally, look at different programs available and choose the program that serves you best. Look for RN programs with a good reputation and that offer additional benefits such as scholarship opportunities, student grants, and/or rewards for excellence. One meeting with our admissions counselors could help put you on the path to a successful new career that could change your life for the better. 

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