How to Become a Childcare Director

Posted On March 24,2020

Three happy children playing with toys in a bright and cheerful childcare classroom.Caring for small children is a big job and working as a childcare director is certainly no exception. Not only does a childcare director work with young children, but they also have to manage and lead a team of people while the majority of the responsibilities sit squarely on their shoulders. It may not be the easiest job, but it can make for a highly rewarding and satisfying career for many..

What Are the Responsibilities of a Childcare Director?

Childcare Directors oversee the day to day operations of a child care center. It’s an important role as they set the tone for the entire facility by hiring and evaluating staff, developing the curriculum, and communicating with family members. They must also ensure compliance with all local and federal laws, which includes maintaining proper documentation, dealing with inspections, etc. Childcare directors are also responsible for the financial management of the center, such as developing a budget, handling the accounting, and developing a marketing plan for the center which often involves public relations and advertising.

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What Are the Daily Tasks of a Childcare Director?

· Hiring new staff members.

· Supervising and providing training and professional development for new staff.

· Establishing policies and procedures and communicating them to parents.

· Developing curriculum.

· Assisting staff in resolving conflicts between children.

· Assisting staff in communicating with parents about any problems or concerns.

· Meeting with parents to discuss progress.

· Preparing budgets and allocating program funds.

· Ensuring facilities are properly cleaned and maintained according to regulations.

What Makes a Good Childcare Director?

If you’re seriously contemplating how to become a childcare director, then you likely already have some experience, along with a strong desire to work with children, but what other skills are needed in order to do this job?

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· Business Management Skills

The majority of childcare centers are for profit, which means it’s helpful to have an understanding of how to profitably run a business. Strong business skills such as finances and working with budgets and managing spending are a big part of the job.

· Communication Skills

Directors need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills as they interact with a lot of people on a daily basis, such as teachers, children, parents, staff members, facility workers, etc.

· Leadership Skills

Strong leadership skills is a must, along with having the confidence to be able to make decisions in tough situations and stand behind them.

· Organizational Skills

There is a lot of information to keep track of, such as student medical info, teacher schedules, supplies, inspection paperwork, and much more. A good childcare director does an exceptional job when it comes to being organized and keeping track of what’s going on in their center.

Gain Work Experience

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that any aspiring childcare director should have several years of hands-on experience working with children, preferably in a similar environment to the one they would want to become a director for.

Earn a Degree

Although it’s not required, it is definitely advisable to earn an early childhood education degree in order to effectively run a childcare center. If you’re serious about being hired as a director, or to be considered for a promotion to become one, having an ECE degree will make you more desirable to potential employers. Having experience and a degree from an accredited school is highly recommended in the childcare industry. Athena Career Academy can help get you started on the right path towards achieving your career goal of becoming a childcare director. Contact our admissions office today!

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