How to be the Best Early Childhood Education Teacher

Posted On December 7,2021

Some people who become teachers feel like they were called to work in education, but it takes a special kind of individual to be able to work well with really young children. While studying hard can help prepare you to be an effective early childhood education (ECE) educator, there are certain attributes that all great ECE teachers have in common. If any of these sound like you, then you’re on the right path towards an exciting and rewarding career.

Preschool teacher reading to a group of young students.


Patience is a must for those interested in becoming a teacher. Teaching young children isn’t easy and there will be times when behavioral issues or disruptions arise. You will need to remain calm and be understanding when these situations occur, no matter how frustrating it gets. Having patience and a kind temperament is an important trait when it comes to maintaining order in the classroom. 


If you want to be the best ECE teacher, you need to be creative and hands-on with your students. A successful teacher knows the importance of planning fresh, engaging lesson plans and games that motivate and excite students to want to learn and participate. Kids at this age learn a lot through play, so it’s important to bring the lessons down to their level.


When dealing with young children, anything can happen. The best ECE educators are those who learn how to go with the flow and adapt their plans quickly to keep things running smoothly.  ECE teachers should be prepared and comfortable dealing with any changes in the classroom or routine. Lesson plans with this age group tend to be more of a rough outline of how you’ll want the day or week to go, and being flexible with your plans will make you a better teacher.


Another trait great ECE educators have in common is compassion. ECE educators should model compassion and kindness daily. It’s important to compliment and encourage your students by providing positive affirmations. You’ll be working with young children and some of them might be feeling scared about being away from a parent or caregiver, so a little kindness will go a long way in earning their trust. 

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Sense of Humor 

While having a sense of humor isn’t required to work in early childhood education, it certainly helps. A great ECE educator is one who appreciates the honesty, curiosity, and silliness that young children bring to the classroom. Children respond better to adults who aren’t afraid to let their less serious side show. Funny stories, rhymes, songs, and other lighthearted activities help to lighten the mood and encourage your students to have fun while learning. 

Communication Skills 

Having strong communication skills is a must for anyone interested in becoming a teacher. You’ll need to know how to effectively communicate with young children which is different from dealing with adults. In addition, your job requires constant communication with family members, administration, and other staff, so it’s important to have good communication skills.


A great educator is passionate about teaching and working with kids. Often what separates a great teacher from an average one is the enthusiasm, passion, and joy they get from teaching. These vibes are definitely going to spill over into the classroom. It’s easy to spot those who truly love what they do, and those who are just going through the motions. A great educator loves what they do, and it shows. 

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