How to Be a Great Preschool Teacher

Posted On June 10,2021

Am I teaching properly? Am I doing enough? Are my lessons effective? These are just a few of the many questions that often plague new teachers or even prospective students who are not only wondering how to become a preschool teacher but want to know how to become a great preschool teacher

While there’s no exact formula for becoming a great preschool teacher, there are certain traits or attributes that great teachers tend to have in common. If any of these apply to you, then keep going because you’re headed in the right direction.Small group of preschool students in a bright colorful classroom.

Great Teachers are Patient

Patience is a must when working with young children. Kids are full of energy and curiosity and they each come with their own individual personalities, attention spans, and learning styles. A great preschool teacher maintains a calm, patient and positive disposition even while repeating directions, cleaning up messes, and resolving conflicts between classmates. 

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Great Teachers are Funny 

While a sense of humor probably won’t be listed on the job application, it definitely helps. Children respond better to adults who aren’t afraid to show their silly, less serious side. Funny stories, rhymes, songs, and other lighthearted activities help to engage your students by lightening the mood and making learning fun. 

Great Teachers are Creative 

Being creative doesn’t mean that you must be a talented artist in order to be a great teacher, but rather great teachers know how to adapt lessons in response to student needs and interests. An example of creativity in the classroom is being able to simplify a complex subject like math into a fun learning game that kids will understand and want to participate in. 

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Great Teachers are Good Communicators 

Great teachers have strong communication skills. Preschool teachers interact with people of all ages on a daily basis, including students, administration, fellow staff members, and family members. A great teacher knows how to effectively deliver information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. They also know how to effectively listen to others. 

Great Teachers are Organized 

Great teachers tend to pay attention to the details and are often highly organized as well. Preschool teachers have a lot of material to cover and don’t get much time to themselves so good organizational skills are critical as you must be able to find everything you need in a hurry. Young children have short attention spans, so if you’re busy digging through a cabinet for materials, that can leave your classroom vulnerable to chaos ensuing. 

Great Teachers are Compassionate 

Another trait that great teachers have in common is compassion for their students. Great preschool teachers want to see their children succeed, at school and at home. They are also kind and respectful and students feel comfortable approaching and talking to them. 

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Great Teachers are Enthusiastic 

Often what separates a great preschool teacher from a good one is the enthusiasm, passion, and joy they have for teaching spills over into the classroom. They love what they do, and it shows. 

Do You Love to Learn? 

A great preschool teacher not only loves to teach, but also loves to learn. That love for learning is what drives them to consistently seek out the most innovative ideas and lesson plans, as well as developing the best strategies for teaching their students.  

Great preschool teachers aren’t born great, but rather they never stop working on their craft as well as their own personal development to become better every year.  

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