How much time do I need to budget for studying in a LPN – RN program?

Posted On October 30,2017


An LPN-RN program works to your advantage. Whether you are currently in school or already working as an LPN, you should consider different opportunities to further your education and advance your career.  After your LPN, the next logical move is for you to become an RN. You will continue to enjoy working as a nurse, but your duties and responsibilities may differ slightly when you are a RN.

An LPN-RN program sets the stage for you to grow your knowledge, understand the nurses’ practice better and delve deeper into the human anatomy. It also prepares you for high-level tasks that require critical thinking and on the spot problem-solving.

LPN-RN Education

Often, you will enroll in an LPN program with little experience in patient care. While you may have previous experience working in a medical environment, your LPN experience prepares you for responsibilities that require contact with patients. In an LPN program, the assumption is that you have no prior experience in patients care. Many of the courses focus on the basics, with a lot of emphasis on practical learning. You will cover courses such as wound care, patient nutrition, hygiene and daily living.

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LPN-RN programs operate with the knowledge that you understand the basics from your LPN training and you are ready to advance your knowledge in patient care. Each LPN-RN program is unique. However, they all focus on complex nursing topics such as advanced physiology, advanced pathology, and advanced pharmacology. The programs also emphasize a lot on student’s attempting procedures they will take on when working as RNs, for example, central line care and IV insertions. The LPN-RN training is a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience; your background as an LPN will always work to your advantage.

LPN-RN Program Options

The term “LPN-RN” serves as an umbrella term for different programs that prepare you for your NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Different factors will influence the length of the program; for example, if you choose part-time classes you are likely to spend a few more months in school than if you choose a full-time program.

Start Your Journey Now

The time you budget will depend on the program and school you choose. Consider the time you will need for clinical practice; some programs will allow you to log in your work hours as your clinical hours if you are in a teaching hospital or if you have a nurse supervisor approved by your school. The Athena Careers Academy offers a 52-week LPN-RN program, with a grant for alumni looking for financial aid to become RNs.