How Much is the Starting Pay for Licensed Practical Nurses in Ohio?

Posted On March 22,2016

If you are looking to break into an exciting career field that is both challenging and lucrative, nursing could be the perfect fit. Licensed practical nurses in Ohio are currently in demand as the need for healthcare providers continues to surge nationwide. In particular, medical professionals who have achieved licensure through the Ohio Board of Nursing and Department of Health have high earning potential anywhere throughout the state. When compared to other nearby markets such as Michigan, Ohio has plenty of great opportunities and competitive wages to offer. 

Starting Pay

In the state of Ohio, licensed practical nurses can expect to find jobs right
Nurse4.jpg out of school that pay between $36,000 and $44,000 per year according to reports on and On average, this breaks down to $18-$24 per hour. The starting pay for licensed practical nurses in Ohio is on par with starting pay in other parts of the country and is relatively high based on the cost of living in the state. 

Other Perks

In addition to the base pay for licensed practical nurses in Ohio, there are a number of other benefits available to new graduates. Standard options like health insurance and retirement funds are available, but there are also many opportunities to boost pay by picking up extra shifts or earning performance bonuses depending on your organization. For this reason, the starting pay is not the only thing that should be considered when comparing two or more possible job offers.

Long Term Potential

Your career as a licensed practical nurse is only beginning when you graduate. Realistically, completing this program of study and going out into the field will also afford you many other chances to continue moving up in the world. If you are interested in continuing your education beyond this level and working for a bigger medical degree in the future, many employers are willing to invest in your future with them and can help you with funding. Licensed practical nurses who have gained more than five years of experience in the field and who have taken steps to further their professional development have the potential to make $60-80,000 depending on their employer based on job offers listed through Glass Door, LinkedIn, and 

Anyone interested in beginning a career as a licensed practical nurse in Ohio can do some simple research online to determine what healthcare facilities near them are hiring for. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of earning potential as a new graduate and long term as you gain more stability and responsibility in the field. There are numerous hospitals, rehabilitation centers and elder care facilities that are in dire need of licensed practical nurses in Ohio, so there is no shortage of jobs to be had for the right qualified candidate. 

Start Your Journey Now

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