How Long Does It Take to Get a Teaching Certificate?

Posted On January 20,2020

How Long Does It Take to Get a Teaching Certificate

For those who have a love and a passion for working with children, a certificate in Early Childhood Education might be the next logical step in your career. In addition to furthering your education, a teaching certificate can open new doors, possibly leading to a raise, and putting you one step closer to earning your degree. If you’re considering an Early Childhood Teaching Certificate, you probably have some questions, such as, “What types of classes will I be taking?” and, “How long does it take to get a teaching certificate?”

How Long Will it Take to Complete?

At Athena Career Academy it takes two years to earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS)-Majoring in Early Childhood Education. This program, which runs on quarters, totals 92 quarter credit hours, and has four quarter start dates a year, including fall, winter, spring, and summer. Students have the option of attending day or evening hours to best accommodate the demands of hectic work schedules and family life.

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Types of Classes Included in This Program:

Students will take a variety of classes, all aimed at preparing them for careers in early childhood education, such as Foundations of Education, Child Development, Early Childhood Professional/Community, Creative Art, Music and Play for Early Childhood, Early Childhood Literacy, Infant Toddler Care and Development, Safety, Health, Nutrition for Early Childhood, Preschool/School-age Programming, Observation Positive Behavioral Management, Special Needs and Education, Diversity and Multicultural Understanding, Organization and Administration of Early Childhood, Practicum/Seminar, Composition 2, and Understanding Parenting.

In addition to students gaining all of the necessary education and knowledge they need to acquire in order to be successful in the field of early childhood education, they will also complete some general education courses, such as Basic Mathematics, Introduction to Sociology, Oral Communication, Introduction to Accounting, Fundamentals of Biology, Personal and Social Behavior, Introduction to Technology, giving them a well-rounded education which will greatly serve them for years to come, especially if they decide to switch career gears later on down the road.

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Get Prepared for the Journey

There’s no doubt that the road to obtaining your certificate in early childhood education will be challenging and at times, downright difficult, but the program at Athena Career Academy is designed to prepare you with the perfect balance of skills, education, and training you need to be successful and continue to grow in the chosen career path of your dreams. Contact us today for a campus tour!

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