How Has Early Childhood Education Evolved?

Posted On February 11,2022

Much like technology, the field of early childhood education (ECE) has evolved in the last couple of decades. There are many misconceptions about what early childhood education entails. For example, in the past many assumed preschool was nothing more than learning how to color in the lines, or singing ABC’s, but we’ve come to understand that early childhood education is so much more than learning basic skills.

Teacher standing in front of a green chalkboard with a group of young students standing in front of her.

Children are Capable Learners 

Children’s brains are capable of learning so much at this stage. With this understanding, we realize how preschool teachers can provide a strong foundation for learning and development through a variety of experiences. This enables children to become competent people with the ability to succeed and accomplish new learning outcomes. 

Sets the Foundation for Academic Success 

Among the positive benefits of early childhood education is that ECE instills a love of learning early that can last a lifetime. It’s during the preschool years that children discover the world around them. This is made possible through fun games, interactive activities, and purposeful lessons. 

When children are exposed to knowledge at a younger age, it creates a desire to learn and discover new things. Children who attend a quality preschool program tend to display increased confidence and self-esteem. They also tend to perform at a higher academic level. Children who attend ECE programs are better prepared students when they reach kindergarten, as they’ve already begun the process of learning math and reading. 

Technology in the Classroom

Educators today have a wealth of technology available to them in the classroom. The attitude about the use of technology in the classroom is changing for the positive. Teachers are more intentional about when to use technology and when to turn it off. When used properly, technology is a powerful and effective tool for preschool teachers to utilize. 

Encourages Creativity 

Children love to play and make messes, and preschool is full of opportunities for children to be messy and creative. Art projects are an essential element of ECE programs, as is music education. Quality preschool programs feature lessons involving singing, clapping, dancing, and other fun activities that help children develop fine motor skills. Singing is also great for establishing coordination between the body and the brain. Creative learning is a key component in a child’s overall development. 

Improves Socialization 

Children who attend preschool tend to enter kindergarten with stronger social skills as they’ve already learned some necessary life skills like sharing, listening, and taking turns with other children. Preschool teachers plan activities that foster appropriate social interactions among children. Play is an important part of learning the social skills needed to interact with others throughout their academic years. 

In addition to social skills, a quality ECE program teaches children how to express their emotions effectively through social interactions. Enhanced social skills allow them to better manage their feelings. When children are in a group setting, it enhances their listening skills. Since there are more children than adults, it also teaches them the importance of sharing and taking turns. 

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Wondering How to Become a Preschool Teacher? 

Early childhood education equals lifelong benefits for children. Future academic success, healthy growth, and development are all linked to the positive effects a quality ECE program has to offer.  

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