How Hard is it to Pass the CMA Exam?

Posted On September 23,2020

Medical assistant student studying for the CMA exam.

You’ve made the wise decision of becoming a medical assistant, but there’s one thing standing in your way. The CMA exam. While the idea of taking a test sends a shiver down most people’s spine, the more prepared you are, the less scary and intimidating the testing process will be.

Choose an Accredited Program

Preparation for the CMA exam should begin with selecting the right medical assistant program to receive your training. Choosing an accredited program that fully prepares you for the test by providing both quality instructional time and hands on learning is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prepare yourself for the test and for a career as a successful MA.

While not all states require certification for those becoming a medical assistant, many employers prefer to hire only those candidates who are certified. Taking the extra step to become certified shows your future employer that you are dedicated to the profession and really know your stuff.

Develop a Study Strategy:

Know the Topics

To better prepare for the exam, it’s important to know the content of what might be on the exam. Knowing the topics will help you narrow down which subjects or areas to study and focus on.

Identify Your Weak Areas

As you look over the content list of what subjects will be on the exam, put a check mark next to the topics you don’t feel overly confident about. You’ll still want to review everything of course, but plan to spend some additional time on the areas where you know you need some extra review.

Schedule Study Time

Much like when you were a student in your medical assistant program, it’s important to set aside some dedicated time to study for the exam. Remove all distractions and inform friends and family of when you’ll be studying.

Spread it Out

Scheduling proper study time will help avoid making crucial errors, such as waiting until the last minute to study and then “cramming” for test day.

Take CMA Practice Exams or Quizzes

There are plenty of websites online that offer practice tests for the CMA exam. While the test likely won’t give you questions and answers from the actual exam, they will get you acclimated to which type of questions will be on the test and give you a better idea of what to expect.

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Take Care of Yourself

While getting plenty of sleep and eating properly won’t give you the answers to the test, it will help you stay alert and focused during your study sessions and the exam itself, in addition to helping you reduce your stress level.

Do What Works Best for You

While study groups can be beneficial and a great source of support, it’s important to develop your own study strategy and stick to it. When it comes to studying and preparing for the CMA exam, it’s important to do what works best for you.

Final Thoughts on the CMA Exam

You made the right decision by becoming a medical assistant, so don’t let a little test anxiety get in the way of your dream career. With a little preparation and perseverance, it won’t be long before you’ve passed the test and are putting on scrubs and heading to a job you love.

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