High Quality Pre-K Needs High Quality ECE Teachers

Posted On March 15,2022

An early childhood education degree gives teachers the skills they need to help children learn. Having a well-trained, professional educator with in-depth knowledge of the policies and skills required in early childhood education (ECE) will ensure that young students are learning developmentally appropriate skills. Quality educators lead to a quality education, and a quality education in preschool will set children on the right track for academic success.

Smiling preschool student standing in a colorful classroom.

Teachers are the Key Asset to High Quality Preschool Education 

High quality preschool education requires dedicated teachers who successfully plan and prepare their curriculum. Teachers with good training and ongoing professional support in child development and learning are much more likely to have effective, positive interactions with children and their families. Their skills allow them to teach more extensive language skills and lessons, utilize a variety of age-appropriate curriculum, and use effective teaching practices. Good teachers understand the importance of including play for individualized and group lessons, and can easily create an all-around, high-quality learning environment. 

Quality ECE Teachers are In Demand

If you’re considering becoming a teacher, it’s important that you have a deep understanding of child development, learn trusted teaching methods, and know how to develop an age-appropriate curriculum. While it might be possible to land a job teaching preschool without a degree, quality preschools are looking for quality teachers. If you’re looking for an in-demand career with job opportunities now and in the future, earning an early childhood education degree is a smart first step to a successful teaching career. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, early childhood educators can expect a bright and positive job outlook:  

  • Preschool teachers can expect a 10% growth in employment nationwide which is faster than the average for all other occupations. 
  • Over 84,000 jobs will become available nationwide for childcare workers. 
  • Preschool and childcare center directors can expect employment to grow 11% over the next several years. 

Parents and families are also seeking high-quality options for their kids, which contributes to the optimistic job outlook. Job security and the opportunity for advancement over the years are key reasons to pursue a career path in early childhood education. For early childhood educators, the demand, security, and room for growth already exists, so it’s a stable industry with a lot of potential. Plus, earning an early childhood education degree makes you more marketable to potential employers. Schools want to know they’re hiring someone with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need in an early childhood educator, versus hiring someone without any formal training or education in ECE. 

ECE Career Advancement Opportunities 

The field of early childhood education is constantly growing and expanding, providing a wealth of job opportunities for those just starting out, and even for seasoned ECE educators. When you choose to study early childhood education, you aren’t just choosing a single career, like becoming a preschool teacher, but rather the field stretches far beyond. Earning a degree in early childhood education allows you to pursue multiple career opportunities in the education field including: 

  • School readiness teacher or assistant teacher
  • Family resource worker
  • Paraprofessional 
  • Child specialist 
  • Early childhood director 
  • Curriculum coordinator 

These are just a few of the many exciting career opportunities available for those pursuing an ECE degree. 

Get on the Fast track to a rewarding teaching career in early Childhood Education

Quality Training Equals Quality Teachers 

There will always be a need for quality preschools and therefore quality preschool teachers which equals more job opportunities for ECE students. If you’re ready to become an early childhood educator, the first step is attending a quality early childhood education degree program. Athena Career Academy is the perfect fit for students seeking a flexible class schedule, affordable training, and a robust program that fully prepares them for a successful career in early childhood education. Contact us at Athena Career Academy for more information about enrolling.