Guide to Becoming a Successful Medical Assistant

Posted On August 27,2021

When you consider becoming a medical assistant student, you are likely looking further into the future than your first class. Not only do you want to consider your career options, but you want to know how you can succeed and thrive in your career as a medical assistant. Becoming a medical student will give you the medical and clinical knowledge you need, but becoming a successful medical assistant requires more than classroom studies.

Medical assistant gathers information a patient

Successful Medical Assistants Have Good Communication Skills

Medical assistants quickly find that effective communication is one of the most important skills to have in their job. Medical assistants will need to communicate with doctors, patients, nurses, office staff, and each other to keep the workplace running smoothly. Medical assistants are often the intermediary between the doctor and the patient, the doctor and the insurance company, or between different members of the medical team. Successful medical assistants are excellent at active listening, can convey information effectively, have strong reading comprehension, can communicate well in writing, and have excellent phone skills as well as in-person communication skills.

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Successful Medical Assistants Work Well with Colleagues

A successful medical assistant needs to be an excellent team player. Medical assistants are the bridge between many different pieces of the healthcare experience, and they will need to work well with doctors, nurses, and each other. Having the ability to work well with all colleagues is essential.

Successful Medical Assistants Have Strong Attention to Detail

Medical assistants maintain patient records, record health histories, schedule appointments, and take vitals. In some cases, medical assistants are responsible for collecting samples and administering medication. In these duties, attention to detail is crucial. A simple error can make a big difference in the outcome, and being accurate is extremely important to a medical assistant’s success.

Successful Medical Assistants are Compassionate

Medical assistants are often the most important point of contact with the patient. They are responsible for ensuring that patients are calm and comfortable during their visit to the clinic or other healthcare facility. Often patients may feel overwhelmed, confused, and scared as they receive medical treatment, and having a compassionate medical assistant helping them understand the procedures can go a long way toward a patient having a good experience with their medical care.

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Successful Medical Assistants are Willing to Learn

Medical assistants are always learning, long after their time as a student is complete. A willingness to learn, grow, and develop new skills is essential for a successful medical assistant. Changes and advancements in technology, procedures, and medications mean that a medical assistant must be willing to learn and adapt throughout their career.

Becoming a Successful Medical Assistant Begins with the Right Program

Becoming a medical student means that you think you have the right personality and character for the healthcare field. As a medical student in a medical assisting program, you will develop the medical knowledge and clinical skills necessary, as well as honing the “soft skills” – or non-clinical skills – that will make you a more successful medical assistant. Becoming a medical student means merging these two learning experiences.

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Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing careers in the country and is expected to continue rising as our population ages and the healthcare industry grows to meet that demand. There are many career options for medical assistants, and knowing what can help make you successful in your career can put you on the right path toward a satisfying job. Contact Athena Career Academy for more information about our accredited programs with flexible class schedules.