Getting your RN is the First Step to Becoming a Research Nurse

Posted On October 9,2018

Getting your RN is the First Step to Becoming a Research Nurse

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving and improving. Most of this is due to research. Just as nurses are the backbone of a hospital, they are extremely valuable to medical research too. A research nurse helps create, evaluate, and perfect new and old medications and treatments for various medical problems.

They study diseases and disorders and develop new treatment plans. Work accomplished by a research nurse today saves the lives of patients tomorrow. Sound like an exciting career choice? Enrolling in an LPN – RN nursing program can get you going in the right direction.

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All research nurses must have a valid RN license. A proper education will help you achieve this. Pursuing your RN license first will allow you to work sooner and ensure nursing is a good career fit for you. And, you can work as an RN and earn money to help you continue your education and obtain advanced degrees.

To further your career and become a research nurse, you will need a minimum of your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing or BSN. However, many companies also prefer their nurse researchers complete a Master’s of Science in nursing program or even a doctoral degree. In addition, taking classes in research and statistics are a must.Start Your Journey Now


Not only do the majority of nurse researchers have an RN license and an advanced nursing degree, but they have experience. Most employers are looking for nurses who have spent at least two years in a clinical setting caring for patients. This shows they understand the treatment of illness and disease. Excellent attention to detail and strong communication skills are a must. Research nurses are often tasked with interacting with patients and reporting research findings. Employers also seek out nurses with experience in conducting clinical research, including enrolling patients in research studies, implementing research protocol and presenting findings.

Certifications and Credentials

Additional certifications are not required for work as a research nurse. However, some nurse researcher positions prefer candidates who have earned one of two certifications offered by The Association of Clinical Research Professionals. These certifications are either a Certified Clinical Research Associate or a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. To be eligible to take the certification examinations, you must be an experienced registered nurse with at least two years of clinical research experience.

The road to becoming a research nurse may be a long one, but it’s career that puts you at the forefront of new medical discoveries, treatments, and cures. The work that you do during your career can help some patients live longer or enjoy a better quality of life.

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