Financial Aid Resources to Help Pay for Your Nursing School Education

Posted On February 2,2016

Paying for your nursing career education can often be as challenging as completing the nursing degree program itself. The good news is that there are plenty of financial aid resources available to students who are interested in the nursing field if they are willing to take the time to research and apply for the aid that is available from different resources. Here are the best ways to find funding for your nursing career education. 

  1. The FAFSA – The FAFSA is the first and foremost way to secure financing for your nursing program tuition. This is the federal governments way of backing up lenders by taking into consideration your tax and financial information, as well as your parent’s information if you are under the age of 26. Once you submit the FAFSA you will know if you qualify for any state or federal level grants, and if they will offer you either subsidized or unsubsidized loans through student loans or parent loans. In many cases a large part of your education may be covered by federal grants that you will not have to repay.
  2. Scholarships – Before accepting any student loans, it is worth taking the time to look into scholarships available to you. There are a several national databases online that collect information about all available scholarships that are currently open. You can narrow these down to find the ones that apply to you specifically. Some of these are gender specific, minority dependent or have other special features. There are also many scholarships just for people who want to pursue a nursing career education. 
  3. financial aid resources for your nursing careerWork-Study Programs – Work-study is a program that can be offered by either your school or your employer. The school most often has a need for part time office assistants or other personnel to help out with small tasks. They will often offer you a discount or credit to your tuition along with a small hourly wage to work for them in between your regular class hours. If you already work for a healthcare facility in another capacity, they may be willing to reimburse you for a portion of your tuition expenses to continue your education in exchange for your commitment to continue working for them after graduation for a set number of years. 
  4. Loan Forgiveness – Due to the high demand for qualified graduates with a nursing career education, both state and federal governments now offer a variety of different loan forgiveness programs. These programs will forgive up to 60% of your debt if you are willing to work for one of their organizations that is in need of help. This can be anything from non-profit organizations, veterans care facilities or any other medical facility that they believe needs more help. Look into your state’s specific rules and qualifications for more information about how you can have your loans forgiveness in exchange for service.

A nursing career education does not have to exceedingly costly, nor does it require hefty loan commitments upon graduation. There is tons of grants, scholarships and other assistance available to students who complete their programs with a good GPA and go to work helping people in their communities. 

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