Enroll in an LPN to RN Program and Graduate in One Year

Posted On May 30,2017


Nursing is a rewarding profession where you ‘give’ care and ‘take’ pride in your skills to administer healthcare to those in need. Two of the nursing fields to pursue are LPN or RN. If you have already achieved your LPN, then you are ready to enroll in an LPN to RN program.

Why Become a Nurse?

Nurses have a genuine need to help others. Becoming a nurse is not like taking on a job, it makes you a professional who will care for others that trust you and are confident in your skills to help them. As a nurse, you will be a person who treats colleagues and patients with compassion, respect, and kindness.

Being a Nurse Takes Dedication

Your career choice as a nurse will require constant dedication. This commitment begins with your first day of school and every single day while you are a nurse. If you have the calling to be a nurse, you understand it is not a relaxing profession. When you strive to be the best nurse you can be it will take endless professionalism.

Your Role as an LPN

The role you have as an LPN has strengthened your nursing skills. You have provided essential care to patients unable to care for themselves. Helping patients with primary care and personal hygiene or administering basic nursing care has built a solid base in your character. You are now ready to advance those skills and enter an LPN to RN program to increase your level of medical knowledge and skill.

Become an RN

When entering a program to move from an LPN to RN, studies are completed in under a year. With your new skills, you will be able to choose the medical setting of your choice. As an RN you will continue to increase your knowledge of new technology and tools. You will provide the best care to patients, to families, support doctors, and remain involved with patient progress.

As an RN, you will coordinate and provide patient care, educate the public regarding the different health conditions, and be there for emotional support. You will be able to administer this care in long-term care and rehabilitation, clinics, home care, or any medical facility you choose. Athena Career Academy offers you an all-inclusive LPN to RN program to continue your nursing career.

Athena Career Academy Program

Athena Career Academy’s LPN to RN Program includes classroom training and clinical practicum. It will also provide you with the books and necessary materials to continue your knowledge of the medical field. You will have the supplies and lab fees needed to conduct lab simulation training along with a uniform. After your studies, you will take the State Board of Nursing Test. This program takes 52 weeks to complete.

Whether you have already become an LPN, are still in school, or are just interested in nursing, you should consider an LPN to RN program. This step is a logical one in your education as many of the steps are similar to what you already practice. You will be able to further your knowledge and understanding of the human body. As an RN, you will become the best nurse to provide the best of care.

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