Earn Your Practical Nursing Degree in Strongsville, OH

Do you want a new career which will provide you with both a strong salary and a means of helping people? Do you live in the Strongsville or Cleveland, OH area? If so, stop by Athena Career Academy today and enroll in our practical nursing program. While becoming a registered nurse can take a sizable commitment of time and money, becoming a practical nurse can be accomplished in just one year for a much lower price. What do practical nurses do?

  • Assist doctors and RNs in the treatment of those who are ill, injured or disabled.
  • Provide patients in need with medicine and other treatments which will make them more comfortable and aid them during the recovery process.
  • Watch over your patients to make sure the treatment is going well and all is as it should be. Monitor their vital signs and provide them with additional aid as necessary. This is sometimes accomplished in a hospital, but can also be carried out in an assisted living facility, rehab center or at the patient’s home, to name just a few examples of potential venues.
  • Oversee the efforts of medical assistants and aides, ensuring that they are able to give their patients the highest level of care possible.

If the above sounds good to you, you should certainly consider entering the field of practical nursing. But why should you do it at Athena Career Academy? Well, Athena can get you the tools, experience and knowledge you’ll need to be a viable candidate for employers. The medical field, particularly the field of nursing, is incredibly competitive. You’ll need a leg up to level the playing field. Studying at Athena can not only make you knowledgeable, it can also make you a much more attractive candidate for possible employers. Plus, it’ll only take a year of your time and about a tenth of the money you’d need to go to a four-year medical school.

So if you’re interested in entering the exciting field of nursing, consider Athena Career Academy. You’ll be spending less money and time, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be receiving an education of any less quality. We’ll work with you to make sure that you’re fully prepared for all of the difficulties and realities of practical nursing and get you started on a great and rewarding career path. So if you live in the Strongfield, OH area and you want to help people while earning a great living, submit an online application today.