Early Childhood Educators Can Do More Than Teach

Posted On February 17,2021

If you love the idea of working with children, then a career in early childhood education (ECE) is worth considering. While you may think that someone with an ECE degree is limited to only teaching at a school, there are actually a lot of alternative career paths and opportunities for growth beyond the classroom.

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Private Tutor

With an ECE degree and an entrepreneurial spirit, starting your own tutoring business is a viable option, especially now. Many tutors work one on one or with small groups of students. One of the many benefits of private tutoring is you can often set your own hours and payment terms.

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Teacher Assistant

If you prefer not to have the added responsibilities of being a teacher, but still have a desire to work in a classroom, a career as a teaching assistant might be the perfect fit. Teacher’s assistants often work with individual students or small groups while the lead teacher handles the classroom as a whole. Other duties include helping prepare materials for lessons, keeping track of student attendance, reinforcing classroom rules, and assisting the teacher in supervising the children.


Another possibility is to become a nanny. While an ECE degree isn’t necessary to become a nanny, many parents prefer to hire someone with a degree in early childhood education. Nannies are much more than a babysitter, as they are usually employed full time by families to provide a variety of household duties, which may include transportation, shopping, and meal preparation, in addition to helping children with homework.

Family Support Specialist

If you have an interest in social work, a career as a family support specialist is an option if you have an ECE degree. A family support specialist’s main focus is to facilitate care for families in need by offering counseling and rehabilitative services to those in crisis. This may include domestic violence, homelessness, or helping to care for a disabled family member. After meeting with families, the family support specialist can determine their needs and then arrange assistance through education programs, childcare, affordable housing, and food programs. A degree in early childhood education will prepare you for this type of work. 

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Early Intervention Specialist

An early intervention specialist works within the field of special education. They work with children from birth to age 4 to identify and address developmental delays. Early intervention specialists typically work in preschools but may also meet with children and families in their homes and may be employed by school districts, regional programs, and medical providers.

Museum Guide

For those wanting a career completely outside of a classroom setting, there are plenty of career options to explore, especially for those willing to get a little creative. One such option is a museum guide. While an ECE degree might not seem relevant, who better to lead a group of students on a field trip than someone with a degree in early childhood education? Understanding how to teach young children will help you tailor guided tours that will educate and inspire young people. 

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With so many different career opportunities to discover, there has never been a better time to pursue a degree in early childhood education. Contact Athena Career Academy for more information about this highly rewarding and versatile degree program that is guaranteed to lead you to the career path you were destined for. 

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