Early Childhood Educators Are Not Your Average Teachers

Posted On January 26,2023

Early childhood educators work hard at what they do. They juggle a lot of responsibilities while taking excellent care of each child. If they aren’t passionate about what they do, their tasks can become mundane and lackluster rather than done out of a desire to teach. When preschool teachers aren’t invested in their careers or are simply “going through the motions,” it’s reflected in the results. Children receive bad experiences and interactions instead of positive ones filled with joy. 

Therefore, it’s essential for those wondering how to become a teacher to have a realistic picture of what the role entails. Many people feel a calling to work in education, but it takes a special kind of educator to work with young children.

 Young female teacher with curly hair leaning over young girls shoulder helping her learn how to paint.

They Focus on Individuality 

Rather than completing activities in a one-size-fits-all mentality, creative educators take the time to learn more about each child and what teaching approach they will thrive with. Quality ECE educators communicate with parents to understand a child’s strengths, interests, and limitations. They also observe the child’s response to specific activities. They put in the time and effort to monitor and adjust along the way. 

They Give Children a Sense of Belonging 

Passionate educators go out of their way to make children feel loved, welcomed, and valued, instilling a sense of belonging and confidence. When an educator makes children feel involved and worthy, they are much more likely to be engaged in learning and social activities. As children grow, this need for belonging continues. 

They Show Enthusiasm 

Caring and dedicated teachers can demonstrate enthusiasm even when overwhelmed with tasks. Early childhood educators can balance the care of each child and display excitement in learning and play activities. Children take notice when a teacher expresses genuine interest in daily activities, boosting their excitement for what’s going on in the classroom. By generating enthusiasm, passionate educators pour their hearts and soul into every minute they spend with their students. They are driven by a desire to make a difference.

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They Try New Things 

Since creative teachers care about the learning and growth of their students, they are also curious to learn and incorporate new teaching techniques into their curriculum. They are interested in expanding their horizons in addition to their students. Engaged educators teach more than just lessons from a textbook. They integrate real-life lessons and experiences that teach students about life and the world around them. 

They Demonstrate Patience 

When a child receives care from a kind and patient teacher, it makes them feel like they matter. A successful preschool teacher has the patience to give students the attention they need. Preschool teachers work with students at their own pace, as every child is different. They must be patient even when dealing with repetitive questions or frustrating behavior. 

They Seek Solutions 

A quality early childhood educator is constantly seeking solutions instead of avoiding problems. They must find solutions for working out issues between students or planning for the unexpected and adjusting lesson plans on the fly. They know how to tackle ongoing issues with creativity. 

They Never Give Up 

Creative, passionate early educators won’t give up when things get challenging. They work to make things better, no matter what it takes. High-quality teachers exhibit patience and dedication to ensure each child has what they need to learn. 

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