Considering Nursing School? A Nursing Career has Many Perks

Posted On March 1,2016

Saving A Life
Nothing in the world compares to the feeling of saving somebody’s life. Whether it’s finding the proper diagnosis for a patient, or performing life-saving CPR on a patient, saving lives is just part of the daily routine for a nurse. This is one of the reasons nursing is more than a career–it provides you with moments you’ll remember for your entire life.

Vacation time, free or heavily discounted medical treatments, professional development programs, hospitals offer benefits to nurses that can’t be discounted when looking at an offer letter. And several hospitals offer benefits like early retiree medical benefits and/or 401k plans.

Some hospitals offer signing bonuses to nurses; some even offer total reimbursement for education.

Travel Possibilities
Though there are differences in the requirements some states have in terms of licensing and certification, nurses’ skill-sets are easily transferrable for careers across the nation. What’s more, with a shortage of nurses throughout America, it’s quite feasible to find a new job in a new city.

Other options include being a travel nurse, or taking short-term assignments as a temporary nurse. You can even travel around the world, providing nursing services in countries that need assistance.

schedule2.jpgFlexible and Alternative Schedules
9-5 jobs aren’t for everybody. While nurses often take less-desirable shifts when they move to new hospitals, many institutions allow nurses to make schedules that fit in with their lives. Clinics and physician’s offices also allow for more traditional schedules if nurses so desire.

Job Security
In an age when people rarely work for the same employer until retirement, nursing careers offer a rare opportunity: job security. The current shortage of registered nurses is extremely promising for current nurses and nursing students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing careers are growing faster than any other sector.

Fast-Paced, Exciting Work
With a high level of physical activity, and a propensity for life-or-death situations, nursing careers are exciting. No two days are ever the same.

Staying In Shape
Nursing is far from being a sedentary desk job. Between lifting patients, pushing and pulling them on gurneys, and walking and running all day, nursing is one of the most physical careers available.

Good Pay
For a profession that requires 2-4 years of schooling, nurses make a very respectable living. In 2008, the median annual wage for a registered nurse was $62,450. Salaries climb higher with more experience and education.

Having an Adaptable Career
There are many licenses and degrees available for nurses, with many specialties to focus on. You can become a nurse consultant, a forensic nurse, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, a military nurse, and more.

Job Satisfaction
Though the job can be difficult, every task you undertake aids your patients’ well-being. It is an immensely satisfying career–after all, who else can say they helped treat a serious illness, set a broken bone, and assisted in a childbirth all in the course of a day?

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