Consider Our Practical Nursing Program in Middleburg Heights, OH

Are you looking to start an exciting new career? Do you have an interest in helping others and giving back to your community? If so, consider stopping by Athena Career Academy today. Located in Toledo, OH, very conveniently for those in the Middleburg Heights area, Athena is one of the state’s finest nursing schools. Whereas regular medical school can prove to be prohibitively expensive and take years to complete, Athena offers its students the opportunity to become nurses within a single year, all for far less money than a typical medical school as well.  We offer many fine programs at Athena Career Academy, but our most remarkable is perhaps our practical nursing program. Though it takes far less time to become a practical nurse than a registered nurse, practical nurses perform many of the same tasks, taking on a wide range of challenges and opportunities and helping their patients in a diverse range of ways.

There are so many ways you can help as a practical nurse.

  • You can aid doctors and RNs in the treatment of those in need.
  • You can administer medications and other treatments to help heal your patients.
  • You can watch over the condition and comfort level of your patients, making sure that their treatment is going well and their recovery is occurring at a steady rate.
  • You can supervise the work of medical assistants and aides, ensuring that they are doing everything they possibly can for their patients.

Practical nurses work in a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient care facilities and clinics. They can even work with clients at home, providing the care they require in a location they might find comforting or pleasantly familiar. No matter where you work, there will never be a dull day. Every single day you’ll be working to improve and even save lives, working closely with your patients, as well as their doctor, to ensure that their treatment is going as well as it possibly can. It may be your goal to ultimately become an RN or a doctor, but, considering the highly reasonable amount of time involved and the caliber of the work you’ll be doing, becoming a practical nurse is a fantastic first step towards a rewarding career in the medical profession. And even if you decide you want to stay a practical nurse and not move on to another position you’ll still have plenty to keep you occupied and a great many people to help.

If you’re interested in becoming a practical nurse the first step is to apply to a school. After all, every medical professional must be fully certified. Here at Athena Career Academy we ask for only one year of your time. During that year, we will prepare you for all of the hardships and difficulties of being a practical nurse, making sure that you’re extremely well equipped by the time you take your registration test. 85% of our students move on to careers in the medical field. You can too. Simply fill out an online registration form today and get started on your wonderful new career.