CMA Jobs are Expected to Grow 30% Over the Next Decade

Posted On December 30,2015

The number of clinical medical assistants is set to grow by 30% over the next decade, which is much higher than the average growth rate for almost all other occupations. An increasingly elderly population is driving demand for CMAs in every state. The demand for preventative medical services is another powerful driver for growth in the number of CMAs. Preventative medical care must be performed by a physician, creating more opportunities for CMAs to perform other roles in hospitals and medical practices. Federal healthcare legislation has expanded the availability of healthcare services to millions more Americans, which will continue to drive demand for CMAs in the coming decades. The changing nature of healthcare has opened up more opportunities and responsibilities for qualified CMAs. All these factors ensure that well-trained CMAs will stay in high demand for years to come.

Become a Clinical Medical Assistant in less than one year with Athena Career Academy. Nursing education center located in Toledo, Ohio.  Responsibilities of CMAs

CMAs have a wide range of responsibilities, from taking blood samples and body temperatures to changing dressings on wounds and administering electrocardiograms and other procedures. The full range of responsibilities for a CMAs is set by state law, so in some jurisdictions CMAs have more responsibilities than elsewhere. Administrative duties such as updating patient records, scheduling appointments and lab work, making follow-up calls, calling in prescriptions and getting lab results are among some of the non-medical duties of CMAs. As more medical practices switch over to electronic health records, the job of medical clinical assistants will demand skills with electronic health records software, including maintaining the security of patients’ records and analyzing data to improve the provision of healthcare services.

Who Makes a Good CMA?

The ideal candidate to become a CMA is an intelligent, analytical yet compassionate person who is capable of administering care while maintaining an appropriate professional distance. Excellent interpersonal skills are a must for good CMAs: CMAs are required to deal with many people each day, many of whom are uncomfortable or in pain. The ability to administer a wide range of medical treatments to a rich assortment of patients isn’t common, but it is absolutely necessary to make a good CMA.

Become a CMA in Toledo OH

In order to become a certified clinical medical assistant, a person must complete a certificate program or a two-year associate’s program. As with most career fields, a high quality education leads to greater earnings potential and a wider range of potential job opportunities. Education for CMAs covers subjects such as biology, anatomy, pharmacology, medical terminology, bookkeeping, office procedures and medical ethics. Many accredited programs include a clinical practice section so that CMAs-in-training can receive real-world experience in the setting of a medical practice or hospital. Becoming a CMA is both challenging and rewarding, and is a path that leads to an average salary of about $30,000 per year. With growth in this field expected to continue to increase over the next decades, enrolling in a certified CMA program in Toledo OH marks the start of a promising career.

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