Careers in Healthcare Provide Job Security

Posted On January 6,2021

While the concept of job security may be lost for many industries, there is one exception; the healthcare field. The demand for qualified healthcare workers continues to surge, making the decision to become a medical assistant a smart path to a fulfilling career.

Training is Short 

One of the best aspects of becoming a medical assistant is the ability to fast track your career from start to finish. Many medical assistant training programs are relatively short, especially when compared to other healthcare careers. While program length varies depending on the school, it’s possible to become a medical assistant in one year or less. This is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time or resources to commit to going back to school for several years and need to start work as quickly as possible.

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You’ll Always be High in Demand

While some jobs are hard to come by, as a medical assistant, you’ll be considered high in demand. This profession is growing faster than almost any other occupation, making job security strong and stable. Plus, it pays great too and many positions offer benefits! 

Certification Equals More Opportunities

If you’re serious about becoming a medical assistant, it’s important to investigate whether the school you’re planning to attend is accredited or not. Accreditation is extremely important because only those medical assistants who attend an accredited program are eligible to take the exam issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants to become certified after completion.

While certification isn’t necessary in all states, the majority of employers prefer to hire candidates who are certified because it demonstrates your commitment and dedication to your career. Certification also assures a potential employer you already have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to properly perform the duties of the job.

Certification is a crucial step to becoming a medical assistant and it’s something you’ll want to achieve in order to start at a higher pay, have job security, and have access to better opportunities for advancement in the future. 

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You Can Go Anywhere

After becoming a medical assistant, some individuals decide to use their experience and training to transition into other medical related career paths, such as nursing or healthcare management. Others find that they’re perfectly content continuing to work as a medical assistant. For those who love medical assisting, there are plenty of opportunities for growth within your profession. Many medical assistants decide to specialize in one area of medicine, while others advance into lead medical assistant positions or medical office managers. The possibilities are nearly endless, with plenty of exciting options to choose from.

You’ll Receive a Broader Education and Training

Another great bonus of becoming a medical assistant is you’ll receive a much broader education and training than many other allied health professionals. Medical assistants are cross trained to perform a wide multitude of skills, ranging from administrative to clinical. This level of training almost guarantees that you’ll never get bored, as you’re able to perform a variety of skills and duties on a daily basis.

Ready to Become a Medical Assistant?

It’s easy to see why becoming a medical assistant is the way to go. It doesn’t take long to complete the program and the job stability and opportunities for growth are outstanding! If you’re looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career that won’t let you down, contact Athena Career Academy.

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