Can I Earn an Early Childhood Education Degree While Working Full-Time?

Posted On November 30,2022

Are you looking to make a positive impact on the lives of young children? The early learning years help shape a child’s view of the world around them. An early childhood education degree (ECE degree) allows you to play a significant role in the process of building a strong academic foundation for children between the ages of birth and age five. An ECE degree arms you with the knowledge and ability to effectively guide children in their learning, growth, and development while working closely with families and the community. 

What is an Early Childhood Education Degree?

An early childhood education degree is a two-year degree that teaches students the basics of child development, including how they grow physically, emotionally, and cognitively. An Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program Majoring in Early Childhood Education Birth through age 5 and school age programming teaches students to inspire, educate, encourage, model positive guidance, and use developmentally appropriate teaching methods. 

Can You Earn an ECE Degree While Working Full-Time?

It is entirely possible to earn your early childhood education degree while working full-time if you choose the right school. Look for an ECE program offering flexible day and evening class options that caters to working students and those with families. 

Athena Career Academy understands the challenges of attending school while working full-time and raising children. Athena’s two-year ECE program offers a state-of-the-art lab offering students a simulated classroom experience. This hands-on experience and small class size gives students the personalized support they need to succeed. 

Athena offers flexible class options for working students, like a day program where students only attend class 2 days a week so they can continue working while they go to school. 

Why Earn Your Early Childhood Education Degree? 

Taking the extra step of earning your early childhood education degree opens doors to a variety of exciting career opportunities. While becoming a preschool teacher is a popular option, early childhood education professionals can find employment as childcare providers, childcare center directors, early intervention specialists, family support specialists, head start teachers, teacher’s aides, nannies, tutors, and more. 

In addition to ample career options, income and job growth potential are two compelling reasons to consider a career in early childhood education. Employment of preschool teachers is expected to grow by 15 percent over the next ten years. There are many other perks of becoming a preschool teacher besides job security and decent pay like having a family friendly work schedule and receiving extra vacation days. Teachers get more time off than other professionals including most evenings, weekends, holidays, and summers off.

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Why Choose Athena Career Academy? 

Athena Career Academy is more than just a school, it’s a life-changing experience. We offer a warm, welcoming social environment where students become friends forever. Athena is different from the rest as we encourage positive behavior, manners, and confidence building exercises, so students become successful professionals and excellent role models. This type of supportive environment is especially paramount for working students and those with families. 

Athena is dedicated to offering students a comprehensive Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program Majoring in Early Childhood Education Birth through age 5, and school age programming. Athena graduates are prepared to own and operate their own childcare center, command a preschool classroom with confidence, or work alongside a teacher as a skilled paraprofessional. In terms of career opportunities, the sky’s the limit. What are you waiting for? Contact Athena Career Academy today.

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