Should I Go Back to School to Become a Medical Assistant

Posted On October 16,2017


Traditionally, many medical assistants started out as apprentices, with no formal training. Much of the training happened on the job, under the direct supervision of the physician. The trend created challenges within the industry as there were medical assistants looking for new opportunities, who could not prove they had the knowledge and skills required to work in a different setting.

MA Certification

The medical assisting certification offers aspiring MAs a way to gain the credibility and proof of competency required while looking for opportunities in healthcare. You must prove your knowledge and competency in topics such as clinical procedures, laboratory procedures, medication administration, administrative procedures, anatomy, physiology, and disease. Introduction of certification for MAs introduced professionalism to the job and increased access to opportunities for certified medical assistants.

Employers and MA Certification

There is no state or federal requirement mandating employers to hire certified medical assistants; however, many employers prefer a certified medical assistant. Physicians and other health care providers prefer hiring a competent MA with the knowledge and skills to handle patients carefully to avoid medical liability. Additionally, insurers working with healthcare providers require that they hire certified MAs to lower the liability risk.

Immediately after graduation, you can get an entry-level position, after which you must provide your certification after a set amount of time.

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Benefits of Certification

While looking for a job as an uncertified medical assistant, your experience may work to your advantage. However, you will have a harder time competing against experienced individuals with the right certification. Certification gives you access to better paying job opportunities, including career advancement opportunities in the medical industry. It also gives you better negotiation power, including access to yearly pay increases.

The easiest way to earn your MA certification is through an approved professional program. While you can access a job opportunity as an MA without certification, going back to school allows helps you get certified, giving you access to better paying jobs that provide advancement opportunities. Enroll into the MA program at Athena Careers Academy to gain your certification and qualify for an entry-level position in the medical field.