Are You Ready for a Career Change?

Posted On November 5,2021

If you feel stuck in your current job, but don’t want to take on the debt of a 4 year degree with no promise of a career, choosing a career academy or vocational school is the right way to make a career change. There are attainable degrees and certifications that are very manageable and relatively quick to help you become a teacher, become a medical assistant, or become a nurse.

Future Medical Assistant after talking with our admissions team.

Become a Medical Assistant

You can become a medical assistant in under a year with the right program. A medical assistant will perform a wide range of both clinical and administrative duties and is actively involved in patient care. Medical assistants are in high demand with excellent job security. As a medical assistant, you can work in hospitals, medical offices, outpatient care centers, and more. Medical assisting programs include both classroom and lab work as well as clinical hours. If you want to enter a high-demand career quickly, becoming a medical assistant can get you started with a career in healthcare.

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Become a Teacher

Getting an associate degree in Early Childhood Education can get you on your way to a very rewarding teaching career. ECE teachers have the opportunity to educate, encourage, inspire, and guide children from birth to age 8. You will study the developmental levels and learn how to use developmentally appropriate methods to help children learn and grow. When you become a teacher, you will have an excellent and stable career and will work in a very fulfilling environment. You will be able to work as an administrator, head teacher, play specialist, director of children’s programming, or teacher in a childcare center, preschool, or many other centers for young children. 

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Become a Nurse

If you are looking for a more in-depth career in healthcare with excellent opportunities for advancement, you may want to become a nurse. Practical nurses are in very high demand and can have excellent pay and benefits. PNs work in hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical offices, clinics, and in home care. As a practical nurse, you will provide care under the direction of physicians and registered nurses (RNs). You may also supervise nursing and medical assistants. Once you are an LPN, you can further your career and become an RN. Nurses are well compensated with excellent job security and have many opportunities in the healthcare field.

Benefits of Choosing a Vocational School

There are always advantages to a traditional, four-year college education. However, a college education is no guarantee of a fulfilling career. Many college graduates find themselves struggling to find a job while managing educational debt, while many vocational school graduates find themselves quickly working in their field while carrying much less debt. When you choose a vocational school, you are directly focusing on your career and working with others who are focused on the same goals. In many vocational schools you will have the choice of day or evening hours, allowing you to work and juggle daily life as you take classes for a better future.

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A vocational school is an excellent way to focus your education on a fulfilling, well-paying, long-term career. Instead of simply moving from job to job, you will begin working in a high-demand field with the opportunity for advancement. If you have questions about any of our training programs or you’re ready to schedule a campus tour, contact our admissions team at Athena Career Academy today!