Are Opportunities Available for RNs in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Posted On September 19,2017


Registered nurses (RNs) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) have a wide variety of career options outside the traditional nursing roles. Some of the well-paying opportunities are available in the pharmaceutical industry. The sector offers RNs refreshing roles that require work experience and advanced skills.  

The industry employs salespeople, patient educators, and researchers. Pharmaceutical sales representatives market prescription drugs and other medications directly to healthcare organizations and physicians.

Some of the requirements for the position include professional skills and knowledgable of certain material: strong communication skills, organizational skills, bachelor’s degree, interpersonal skills, familiarity with epidemiology, biotechnology, and pharmacology.

Research roles allow RNs to apply their expertise in clinical trials for wide-ranging drugs. This creates an opportunity to perform a combination of pharmaceutical and clinical duties.

Nurse researchers, professors, and educators are well suited to the career options available in the pharmaceutical industry. In many cases, the companies recruit nursing staff whose area of specialty corresponds with a particular product range. For instance, a firm that manufactures drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases may seek RNs with experience in cardiology.

Patient Education Roles

Drug companies also recruit registered nurses to work in patient educator roles. Some of the prominent firms offering these positions include Pfizer and Berlex. They deploy experienced nurses to visit patients in their homes.

Patients with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis or diabetes require personalized education regarding medications. Nurses teach the patients how to take and manage different types of drugs. In addition, RNs provide emotional support and general guidance about lifestyle choices with the aim to improve patient outcomes.

Nursing staff performing these duties are more likely to enjoy career fulfillment. The role brings together two aspects: professional caregiver and Big Pharma employee.

Pharmaceutical firms are keen to improve ways to keep patients taking their medications. This helps maintain sales and ensure the efficacy of drugs. Education plays a key role considering that patients suffering from chronic diseases face the challenge of taking multiple medications with complex instructions and schedules. Any mistakes may result in precarious interactions.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales roles enable a registered nurse to leverage extensive knowledge of pharmacology and the healthcare system to sell drugs. Salespeople engage with physicians, pharmacists and healthcare organizations to introduce new drugs. They also enlighten customers on any improvements in the application of existing medications.

Successful candidates may receive additional in-house training on various health science topics. A registered nurse with a BSN degree can take advantage of a background in the required sciences. In addition, an RN boasts familiarity with medications and considerable experience in working closely with other healthcare practitioners.

Pharmaceutical Research

A career in pharmaceutical research allows nurses to continue engaging with patients, albeit outside the traditional healthcare settings. RNs participate in clinical trials by monitoring human subjects at specified intervals. They review lab results, record subjects’ vital signs and compile reports about the observations.

In some cases, a registered nurse may perform additional duties, such as recruitment of research participants, overseeing the administration of trials and carry out data analysis. Some of the job requirements for this role include a BS or BSN degree. Applicants should have at least three years of experience in pharmaceuticals or a related field.

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Many key factors contribute to an increased number of job openings for nurses in the industry. These include the need for sales staff that have existing relationships with decision-makers in the healthcare sector. For this reason, a registered nurse with the desired connections can secure a well-paying position in pharmaceuticals. For more information on nursing courses, get in touch with Athena Career Academy today.