Are LPN to RN Programs Offered Online?

Posted On June 29,2017


Some nursing schools with LPN to RN programs may also offer online programs, which give you flexibility especially if you are trying to add an educational program to a busy home and work schedule. Often, the programs offer rigorous course work, which requires you to spend a lot of time studying.

However, there are downsides to an online program in terms of your own unique learning style. Not to mention the stress of arranging your own clincials and clinical instructors. You need to find an LPN-RN program that works for you and your skill set.

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Finding a Program

When looking for an LPN to RN program, you must make sure it has accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and/or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

Checking for accreditation ensures you attend a program that adheres to strict requirements set by professional bodies, which have a commitment to ensuring students receive a proper educational program. Accreditation also qualifies you to access federal aid.


Many LPNs with a steady job and other responsibilities have a hard time resigning from their jobs to pursue an RN program just like you. However, the advantages of working as an RN are undeniable. Some students choose an online LPN-RN program as an option to obtain their RN.

In an online LPN-RN program, once you settle on a school, you will receive all your learning materials, quizzes and tests online. In additional to reading materials, you will receive video lectures and simulations, with the opportunity to participate in group activities with other students online. You will also have access to your lecturers via email and on other virtual meeting platforms such as Skype.

You should consider an online program if:

  • You can get assignments done through self-discipline and work independently
  • You have a busy schedule where you have to manage your time between work and family
  • You are committed to dedicating study space in your home

As you take your LPN to RN program, you must also prepare for the responsibilities that come with working as a registered nurse. No longer are you taking orders from others, but instead work on a care team to provide comphensive care to your patients.

Disadvantages of an Online LPN-RN Program

While many students think the online nature of an LPN-RN program might be “eaiser”, in fact it might well be harder. With online LPN-RN programs, while flexible in time, students may find it requires more strict self-dicipline to stay focused and on task without distractions.

The way your online LPN-RN program is structured could lead some LPN-RN students to find themselves procrastinating. 

An LPN-RN program is eaiser in a traditional classroom as the instructor is present in the room and can demonstrate the hands-on protions of the course work that may be difficultt to translate in an online environment.

In many online LPN-RN programs, there is still a clincal aspect to your studies. You would be on your own to seek out clinical instructors, and setup your own clinical schedule. This rigorous task could result in an inability to complete the clincials in the required time frame. It’s important that you stay focused on all aspects of your studies in an online LPN-RN program, and while some online courses work really well, committing to an online LPN-RN program could end up costing you more time and aggravation-thus defeating all of the benefits you hoped to gain with the flexibility of an online program.

Start Your Journey Now

At Athena Career Academy, we offer a more traditional LPN-RN program at our Toledo, Ohio campus. We offer flexible day and evening classes to help our students meet with busy schedules outside of school.  Due to the hands on nature of our LPN-RN program, we have an intensive lab experience where students are afforded the opportunity to learn in a safe environment before embarking on their clincials.

We offer a variety of clinical placements for Athena’s LPN-RN students, including doctors offices, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals in and around the Northwest Ohio area. Athena’s LPN-RN program is only 12 short months. After graduation from Athena’s LPN-RN program, you can sit for your NCLEX-RN and start working as an RN!

Get started today by sitting down with our admission counselors at Athena Career Academy.