An Exciting New Nursing Career for Residents of Sandusky, OH

Are you looking for a new career? Do you have a desire to help people while earning an excellent living and receiving invaluable, life-changing training? Athena Career Academy can help. Nursing is a highly competitive field, and with good reason. When you become a nurse you embark on a remarkable new chapter in your life. You will perform remarkable, life-changing services, helping people with a wide variety of ailments and medical issues. You’ll have an opportunity to truly give back and help those in need. If this sounds like the type of career you might want to consider why not stop by or contact Athena Career Academy today. With locations in Toledo and Middleburg Heights, Athena is conveniently located for those in the Sandusky, OH area, but it’s not simple convenience that should make you consider Athena. Actually, Athena is one of the most acclaimed and prestigious nursing schools in the state of Ohio. Why should you consider us?


  • We at Athena are fully committed to the needs of our students. We want nothing more than for them to be successful and to get as much out of their experience with Athena as possible. That’s why we’ve developed the most comprehensive, informative and efficient curriculum possible. With our help you can be fully prepared for a nursing career in far less time than it would take at a standard medical school.


  • We employ highly qualified nurses, only those who already posses master’s and bachelor’s degrees, to teach our students. This guarantees that our students receive the most accurate and thorough education possible. And in our classes we’ll not only teach you the ins and outs of nursing, but also customer service and other related matters, so you can be sure that you’ll know not just how to treat your patients medically but socially as well.


  • At Athena you won’t just learn in the classroom but on the job as well, gaining all of the experience you’ll need to be a viable and attractive candidate to potential employers. Our program includes things like hands-on demonstrations, soft skills and even personal tutoring should you require it. By the time you leave Athena you’ll be fully ready for an exciting new career in nursing.


Athena Career Academy is fully accredited and approved by the Department of Education and the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. We are also supported by the Ohio Board of Nursing, the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. We’re certainly highly qualified, and with our help you can be too. Simply contact either the Toledo or Middleburg Heights branch of Athena Career Academy today to learn more about enrollment, including possible financial aid should you need to avail yourself of it. Here at Athena Career Academy we’re passionate about nursing, and we’re pleased to welcome anyone to our university who shares our passion and level of dedication. If you do, you live in the Sandusky, OH area and you are ready, contact us today.