Congratulations on completing your program at Athena, you are now an Alum! We hope you choose to now become an active member of Athena’s Alumni community. This is a community of lifelong learners in pursuit of excellence. We invite you take advantage of the benefits and opportunities provided to enhance your professional development as well as stay connected to your Athena family. The Alumni Community is overseen by the Career Services Department and offers to you, as an Athena graduate, lifelong employment and professional development services. The alumni community’s activities, both social and educational, are developed with the help of selected graduates and current students through our Athena Ambassador program. Upcoming events will be posted here and as well as in the alumni newsletter. Please check back frequently to see any upcoming events and current announcements!

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Diploma Replacement Order Form

Please click here to download our Diploma Replacement Order Form

Athena Alumni LPN to RN Completion Grant 

Athena Alumni are able to apply for a LPN to RN Completion Grant of $1,200.00 which is completely funded by the school.

Eligibility requirements for award:

  1. Recipient must meet all admission requirements as set forth in the student handbook.
  2. Recipient must be enrolled with Athena Career Academy prior to application.
  3. Recipient must meet the standards of academic progress as outlined in the student handbook.
  4. Recipient must be a graduate of Athena Career Academy’s Practical Nursing program.

How the Grant/Scholarship will be awarded (tuition credit, cash, book credit, etc):

The grant will be awarded as tuition credit, divided equally across the school’s standard three (3) billing cycles.

Additional Information:

The Athena Alumni LPN to RN Completion Grant is renewable, as long as the recipient remains compliant with all the policies outlined in the student handbook, the grant will continue through each billing cycle. The Athena Alumni LPN to RN Completion Grant of $1,200.00 is completely funded by the school.

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Celebrate Success!

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