Advantages of Becoming a Teacher

Posted On August 31,2021

Teaching isn’t always easy, but there are many advantages of becoming a teacher that may make it the right career choice for you. If you love learning, want to make a difference in the lives of students, and love the idea of new challenges every day, teaching may be the right career for you.

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Teachers Have Solid Earning Power and Access to Good Benefits

Teaching isn’t a profession you’ll enter to get rich quickly, but the starting salary of a teacher is comparable to many other professions. In addition, you will likely see your future earning potential laid out for you. Many teachers know exactly what each year will bring with regards to their salary as they gain years of experience. As you further your education, you will have opportunities to increase your salary too. In addition to a steady income, you will have not only health benefits, but other financial benefits as well. Teachers often have pensions that will help them build toward retirement. In addition, many districts offer tuition reimbursement, sick day accrual, and other financial benefits.

Becoming a Teacher Means Being in Sync with Your Family

While it is never easy to balance a full-time career and a family, becoming a teacher means that your work calendar will – at least for the most part – sync up with your children’s calendar. You will often share the same days off, whether they are vacations, holidays, or snow days. Teachers have a shorter contracted day where they are required to be in the building. Although they will have plenty of work to do at home, teachers may find it easier to arrange childcare and get their children to after school activities.

Teachers Have Reliable Hours and Dedicated Vacation

In addition to a reliable schedule with the same hours every day, teachers will also have their vacation time built right into their schedule. Teachers can schedule their vacations, doctor’s appointments, summer classes, and anything else they need time for without having to worry about if too many other employees took that week off or their supervisor approves the vacation time. If you are a teacher, you will know exactly when you can take time for personal obligations without it interfering with work.

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Teachers are Always Learning

Many teachers have a passion for learning, and this is what usually guides them toward a teaching career in the first place. Teachers get to share their passion with their students. Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, and a good teacher can inspire their students to love learning as well. Not only that, but the best way to become more of an expert in a subject is to teach it. Teachers dive deeper and deeper into their subject matter until they know it more thoroughly. Many teachers make the effort to help their students understand by researching and learning more themselves.

Becoming a Teacher Means Making a Difference

When you are a teacher, you are truly making a difference. You will have the opportunity to reach your students every day and help guide them through their education. Most adults have a teacher they remember who made a difference in their life. After becoming a teacher, that could be you.

Teaching is Full of Intangible Rewards

When you love your job, you will be more motivated, energetic, successful, and confident. You’ll have variety in your days, you will have students who keep you interested, and you will develop wonderful relationships with your colleagues. 

Teaching is more than a job. Becoming a teacher means making a difference, celebrating the accomplishments of your students, and going home with a feeling of satisfaction every day. If you’re ready to begin your path to an exciting career in teaching, contact Athena Career Academy today!

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