Addressing Challenges You’ll Face as an Early Childhood Educator

Posted On December 28,2022

You may have done your research on becoming a teacher, but do you have a realistic view of what the job entails? Working in the early childhood education (ECE) field as an educator can be challenging at times. There are ups and downs just like any job. Although being a preschool teacher provides challenges, it is also an extremely rewarding professional career. 

Experienced quality early childhood educators know how to combat the challenges of the job. Understanding child development helps keep control of your classroom. The skills you learn in a comprehensive training program can help you create successful lesson plans. A passion for teaching minimizes the challenges into easily manageable solutions.

Female preschool teacher kneeling on the floor next to a little girl helping her learn the alphabet with letter magnets

Managing an Energetic Classroom 

Managing a classroom full of young, energetic children can be tiring. Not all children learn at the same pace, with some children requiring special attention. Some children struggle being away from their parents or caregivers. Each day is a juggling act of learning to balance their unique needs while taking care of yourself. The skills you learn in your training program can help you create successful lesson plans that capture their attention and motivate them to want to listen and participate. 

Communicating with Parents 

Dealing with challenging parents or caregivers is one of the most demanding aspects of becoming a teacher. They may be difficult to please and expect their child to receive special attention without understanding the work it requires to provide each child with the time and attention they deserve. It’s impossible to please every parent or give in to every demand. Attending a high-quality accredited training program can help you sharpen your communication and problem-solving skills, so you’re better equipped to handle difficult situations.

Handling Paperwork 

Preschool teachers must maintain and update piles of paperwork daily. These documents include attendance records, meal plans, lesson plans, class activities, incident reports, notes to parents, etc. On average, early childhood educators spend 45 minutes each day on documentation. This accounts for a large chunk of time when you consider the other activities they do daily.  Therefore, if you plan on becoming a teacher, working on your time-management and organizational skills will set you up for success.

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Slow Career Growth 

Preschool teachers lead busy, hectic lives which means less time to focus on new career opportunities. Being a preschool teacher is a work of passion and commitment. The workload of early childhood educators is steep, but the rewards are immense. The best thing you can do to prevent lack of career growth is to attend a comprehensive, accredited program and earn a degree in early childhood education. There are many opportunities for early educators with an ECE degree, should you decide teaching isn’t for you.

Lower Salaries 

Working in education can lead to lower salaries than other careers. While it’s true that becoming a preschool teacher likely won’t make you a millionaire, there are many benefits to becoming a teacher, including more time off than other working professionals. ECE educators get ample vacation time, including most weeknights, weekends, and many holidays off. They often get extended breaks in the winter and summer. More time off means more time to pursue hobbies and spend time with loved ones. 

Interested in an ECE Career? 

Don’t let the challenges dissuade you from a rewarding career in education. There are many perks to becoming a teacher. If working with young children sounds like a good career fit for you, the first step is to enroll in an accredited program and earn your degree in early childhood education. Athena Career Academy can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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