A Financially and Emotionally Rewarding Nursing Career in Toledo Ohio

The nursing field has advanced significantly. Nurses now have the authority to do many things in healthcare that they did not previously. The medical community is recognizing that nursing is the backbone of the healthcare industry, and nurses provide critical care that can result in life or death for the patient.

A gift for compassion is an important attribute to have as a nurse. Sick and injured people depend on nurses to provide care to make them well and more comfortable. Nurses provide medical care and emotional support to patients and their families. Although compassion is important, the nursing field requires an acute knowledge of many things.

Nurses must have an excellent knowledge of human anatomy, pharmacology, and many of the sciences. It is so important to pick a school that will provide you with world class training in the growing field of nursing. Athena Nursing School Toledo Ohio is a cut above the rest. You will experience sensational instructors that will make it their business to provide the best instruction possible. If nursing is your career of choice, your training is paramount.


Medical technology is truly a wonderful thing. The human race is benefiting substantially by the leaps and bounds taking place in medicine. As a nursing professional, you must be able to keep pace with the fast pace world of technology that impacts how nurses deliver services. There are two groups of nurses; the Licensed Practical Nurse is also known as a LPN. This type of nurse is responsible for providing basic patient care. Their duties range from feeding and bathing to reading vital signs and inserting catheters. The other groups of nursing professionals are Registered Nurses. These nurses are also known as RN’s.

To become a LPN, you must successfully complete a LPN program that will take approximately 1 year. After completion of this program, you will receive a certificate, and licensure is required. The training to become a RN usually takes most two years to complete. Registered Nurses must also sit for an examination. They must be licensed before they can practice as a nursing professional. Athena Nursing School Toledo Ohio will prepare you to excel on these exams.

Job Outlook and Salary

Nurses are in demand, and according to statistics, the demand will increase steadily in the next 10 years. The aging population generally requires more medical services, so medical facilities are bursting at the seams and will continue to do so. A career in nursing is quite lucrative. On the average, a LPN can earn around $35,000 in certain geographic locations. This figure can be more or less depending upon the particular employer and location. The median salary for a RN is around $50,000 according to most studies and statistics. Many RN nurses earn more. Some earn upwards of $60,000

Those that make the lowest salaries only make up about 10% of all of the nurses in the population, and these nurses may earn $40,000. Athena Nursing School Toledo Ohio can prepare you to earn a great living while helping people and contributing to society.