A Degree in Early Childhood Education Offers Diverse Job Opportunities

Posted On July 22,2020

Young teaching with a young student.

A degree in early childhood education, also referred to as an ECE degree, prepares students with the necessary skills and training to help cultivate the healthy growth and development in children, as well as gain useful business knowledge and advocacy fundamentals. Obtaining a degree in early childhood education provides dozens of highly sought after and rewarding career opportunities, ranging from education to social work.

There are plenty of diverse career options to explore after earning a degree in early childhood education, including but not limited to:

Preschool Teacher

One popular career option for those with an early education degree is to become a preschool teacher. Preschool teachers primarily educate children ages 5 and under to help prepare them for elementary school. In addition to basic learning concepts, preschool teachers also help students develop their social, motor, and language skills.

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Nannies are skilled home-based care providers who are responsible for providing a safe and educational environment for children in the comfort of their own home. This is a big difference from a traditional babysitter, as a nanny takes on a lot of the same roles and responsibilities as the parent. In addition to caring for children, nannies may also be responsible for helping with household duties, such as transportation, grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and assisting with homework.

Childcare Worker

Childcare workers supervise infants, toddlers, and young children in a safe, nurturing and rich learning environment. Childcare workers not only provide basic care for children, but they also create schedules around education and play, introduce children to basic concepts and help prepare them for the next level of education, whether that’s preschool or beyond. There is a variety of different childcare settings to choose from, such as a traditional childcare facility, Head Start programs, preschools, school age childcare centers, in-home childcare, vocation, summer and after school programs.

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After School Tutor

In many working families, there is a need for children to remain on the school campus beyond the normal classroom hours. There is also a need for qualified tutors to assist students with their homework or provide tutoring sessions to help them improve their academic performance. For those individuals with a degree in early childhood education, becoming an after-school tutor can be a flexible career option.

Family Support Specialist

For those interested in working with families, a career as a family support specialist might be an excellent fit with their ECE degree. Family support specialists facilitate care for families who need some extra help or support by providing them with counseling and rehabilitation service referrals. Work settings differ from a local, state or federal agency to a private practice that provides support services to families.

Teacher’s Assistant

A teacher’s assistant or teacher’s aide provides support to the lead classroom teacher. This is an important job as it allows the teacher to spend more time to focus on classroom instruction. A teacher’s assistant performs a wide variety of clerical duties, such as taking attendance, grading tests or homework, and other record keeping and instructional tasks. They may also help monitor students’ behavior in the classroom, hallways, recess, cafeteria, or during school field trips. A teacher’s aide may also work one on one with students who need additional instruction and support.

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