7 Secrets to Success for New Preschool Teachers

Posted On January 7,2022

A child’s preschool experience is the beginning of a long relationship with learning and education.  As a preschool teacher, it’s your responsibility to provide children with a safe, fun environment where they can express themselves creatively, form new friendships, and adapt to spending part of the day without their parents or caregivers present. Although preschool isn’t easy, most teachers will tell you it gets easier with experience, but preparing for your new career and having an idea of what you can expect will help you become a very successful teacher.

Preschooler sitting on the classroom floor in front of a green chalkboard holding hands with a colorful robot.

1. Be Prepared and Organized

This means having materials ready for whole group and small group activities, in addition to well stocked learning centers. It also means being prepared for accidents like spills and runny noses. Keeping sanitation and safety in the forefront by washing your hands and theirs upon arrival and throughout the day, wiping down and sanitizing tables before snacks or meals, having tissues nearby, and locking up hazardous chemicals are all ways to prepare for a classroom full of young students. 

2. Establish a Routine 

Classroom management can be challenging for new preschool teachers, but many unfavorable situations can be corrected by establishing a routine from the start. Keep group activities short as young children have limited attention spans. It’s also best to limit transitions and make sure to balance active and quiet times equally. While it’s important to have a consistent routine, it’s also important to be flexible and quickly adapt your plans as needed. 

3. Expand Your Interests 

Don’t be afraid to explore new interests. This means viewing things as new and fresh. Look at things from a child’s perspective and respect their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Try not to stress if things don’t go as planned. Instead, reflect and learn from your experiences and move on. 

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4. Know that Every Child is a Unique Individual 

Every child is different, so the best way to teach a child is to first understand them. Children need to know that you value and respect them, so take the time to get to know each child as the unique individual they are. Discover their interests, temperaments, and learning styles, and use this information to teach each child in a manner that best suits their strengths. Doing so will build confidence. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Sense of Humor 

Teaching is a serious job, but it’s also a fun job. Never lose sight of the joy of working with children. If a child does something funny, it’s okay to share in their delight. If they see you enjoying the teaching process, they’ll be much more likely to enjoy the learning process. 

6. Be Yourself 

Just like every child is unique and special, so are you. As you become accustomed to how each child learns, let your students get to know you. Building positive relationships will only serve to benefit your students socially and emotionally. Be a positive role model they’ll be proud to follow. 

7. Have Patience 

It takes time to settle into a new job or school. Give yourself time to adjust to your surroundings and people you encounter daily. You can’t do it all at once, so take things one step at a time. 

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