7 Alternative Jobs for Teachers

Posted On November 27,2019

7 Alternative Jobs for Teachers

It may seem like common sense to assume that if you obtain a degree in early childhood education, you’ll automatically seek employment as a teacher. While being a teacher is a wonderful and noble profession, not everyone is destined to stand at the front of a classroom. For those interested in an early education degree, but who aren’t sure teaching is for them, there are plenty of exciting and rewarding career alternatives out there.

Here are 7 alternative jobs you can pursue with an early education degree:

#1 Administrator

One of the most obvious alternative jobs for teachers is to make the switch from a teacher, to an administrator. For those ready to retire from teaching, but still passionate about working with students and remain in education, becoming a school administrator, such as a principal or assistant principal for example, is a possibility.

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#2 Curriculum Designer

Another great option for those who want to remain in the field of education, but don’t desire to teach, is to become a curriculum designer. School districts greatly benefit from the input and wisdom that comes from experienced educators who are fully aware of what’s lacking or needed in regards to improving curriculum to enhance the education of students.

#3 Writer or Publisher

It’s probably not surprising that many teachers are strong and talented writers. After all, many teaching jobs require the ability to write and critique the writing of others, so they are usually well versed in how to write properly and effectively. There are endless career possibilities within the writing and publishing field, such as jobs in advertising, newspapers, editing, textbook sales, magazine or article writing, blogging, and more.

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#4 Life Coach

Life coaches aim to help people better themselves and their lives, much like a teacher does, making it a good alternative to teaching. Life coaches literally coach you on how to improve various aspects of your life by making better, wiser, healthier decisions, whether it’s deciphering between career choices, losing weight, how to run a marathon, making smarter financial decisions, and how to live a happier, more stress free life.

#5 Librarian

While becoming a librarian will likely require some additional education, it’s a great choice for teachers, as they get to utilize many of the same skills they use in the classroom, such as organization, research, information sourcing, as well as guiding people to learn and expand their knowledge.

#6 Social Worker

An excellent, alternative career for those who really want to help people and make a big difference in their lives is to become a social worker. There may be some additional education and training required to become a social worker. To become a clinical social worker for example, a master’s degree is usually required.

#7 School Counselor

School counselors, or guidance counselors as they’re often called, also get to work with and help students, making it a viable and popular alternative job for teachers. There may be some additional training or education required, but becoming a school counselor can be a highly rewarding career for those who want to work within the field of education, but not in a classroom setting.

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