6 Tips For Making a Career Change Into Nursing

Posted On August 17,2015

Transitioning from one career field to another can be a difficult process. Learning new skills and leaving old work habits behind can make the change extremely difficult. This can be especially true if you’ve decided to leave your current job to begin a new career in nursing.

A job in nursing requires a wide range of skills and personal characteristics including, but not limited to: strong people skills, good oral and written communication skills, good listening skills, problem solving skills, patience, compassion and empathy, a love of medicine, and an ability to work within a structured team. This can be extremely hard for someone coming from an entirely unrelated field. But, if you’re ready to tackle the challenge of taking on a new career as a nurse, don’t let the difficulties ¾ whether perceived or actual ¾ stop you from getting started.

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The following are six helpful tips that could make the transition into nursing go a little more smoothly for you.

  1. Determine if nursing really is the best field for you. You’re looking to start over in a new career and you’re considering nursing. Like many fields, nursing is a challenging, fast-paced career with many benefits. But, even though you may be interested in a medical career, be sure that nursing is the right path for you. Interview other nurses and do research about what personal qualities are necessary to be a good nurse. If you like medicine, but don’t like being on your feet all day, nursing might not be the best choice for you. But, if you are an empathetic, patient individual who enjoys problem solving and wants to work in the medical field, nursing could be a great fit for you.
  2. 872015Considering which area of nursing you’d most like to work in. There are many specialties of nursing that you might consider studying. Different licenses and certifications, and most nursing specialties will require varying lengths of further education. Determine what your goals are as a nurse and find out what it will take to get you there. It’s wise to know up front what a career change to nursing will require from you. You don’t want to find yourself stuck on a nursing career path that isn’t a good fit for you.
  3. Pick the best nursing school for you. If you’re considering attending a particular nursing school, make sure to confirm its accreditations and licensures. Determine when the application deadlines are and be certain to submit all forms on time. Any delays could cause you to put off beginning your nursing education longer than you need to.
  4. Be flexible. Working as a nurse is very different compared to many other occupations. If you are transitioning to nursing from an unrelated field, it’s important that you be willing to adapt to the fast-paced work environment and common 24/7 work schedules within the nursing field. A job change can be challenging, no matter what fields are involved. Just remember that your new career as a nurse has a direct impact on the health and well being of your patients, so it’s important to be flexible when dealing with the physical and emotional health of the individuals you are caring for.
  5. Identify which skills from your current job will transfer to nursing. Even though you’re transitioning from your old career into a new nursing one, there may be some aspects of your current occupation that can be valuable in your work as a nurse. Do you work as part of a team, or are you responsible for customer service at your job? Cultivate those common responsibilities or traits in your old job so that you can excel in those areas of your new nursing job.
  6. Network with other nurses and medical professionals. Begin networking with other medical professionals as soon as you start nursing school. These connections will help you gain valuable insight into the world of nursing, as well as provide you with leads for future jobs and references. Use your network to look for opportunities to volunteer in your field and give future employers a face to put with a name.

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