5 Signs You Should Enroll In An Early Childhood Education Program

Posted On January 11,2018

5 Signs You Should Enroll In An Early Childhood Education Program Athena Career Academy

No matter how you slice it, properly and effectively teaching the youngest members of our society is a massively daunting task.

Early childhood educators must overcome any number of hurdles that are truly challenging. Not only must they meet the needs of the children, but also satisfy the demands of the parents as well as comply with a stunning number of requirements from their administrative superiors.

In the plainest terms, many people are called to the path of the early education teaching profession but only a small fraction of them have the talent, the creativity, and the patience to meet the challenges of the job.

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Here is how to tell if you are one of the chosen few:

You genuinely like kids

Notice, we did not say “children.” If a teacher cannot relate to “kids” on a one-to-one level, they will never make it as an effective early childhood educator. In fact, the first step in the overall process is understanding that kids talk in their own parlance before they grasp the more advanced concepts of adult grammar and spelling. Any pre-school teacher would be well-advised to recognize this salient fact.

You are a patient person

 To excel when working with young children, a significant measure of patience is necessary. This fact is truest when dealing with the youngest students as these individuals grow and develop at radically different rates. While some students will require little oversight as they explore the educational environment around them, others will need to be held by the hand almost continuously while they wait for mom or dad to return at the end of the day.

You work well with other adults

Working well with the children under their tutelage is only half of the equation for early childhood educators. It is also of significant importance that they integrate well with fellow teachers, administrators and, above all, the parents of their students. These working relationships are incredibly important as they facilitate a far more positive educational environment and improved learning experience for every child.

You understand the value of family

Parents are a tremendously valuable resource for any teacher especially when it comes to that parent’s own children. Not only will parents deeply impact how well a child respects a teacher but will also seriously influence how the children manage their studies.

In short, a teacher can only do so much during the school day without the guidance of a firm hand at home in laying the groundwork for future academic success.

You want to make a difference

Without a doubt, what is going on in the present is important but the future is where the real benefits of a quality education will pay off. The finest early childhood educators understand this fact and know that their efforts can have a exponential effect over time. In addition, not only can they affect the child they immediately influence but also affect their immediate schoolmates as well as every other person that they will know over their lifetime.


Becoming an early childhood educator is certainly not the career path for everyone  for others, however, it can be a “dream” job without parallel.

We would love to help you explore the possibilities.

Please contact us for further information on recognizing the signs that you are destined to become an early childhood educator, please reach out to us at the Athena Career Academy. We are always available online at AthenaCareers.edu or you can call us during normal business hours at 419.329.4075.

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