5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Enroll in an LPN to RN Program

Posted On May 16,2017


An LPN to RN program prepares you for your RN licensure exam, opening up different opportunities for you in the medical field. Often, the program takes a year, after which you can start accessing better opportunities around the country and even qualify to work abroad. After completing the program, you can use you qualifications and your LPN experience to advance yourself professionally.

Increasing Demand for RNs

Opportunities for RNs will increase by 16 percent between 2014 and 2024. The baby boomer generation is getting older, which creates a significant increase in the number of people needing medical care in coming years. Changes in medical care regulation also mean that there is an increase in the number of people across all ages seeking and accessing medical care.

Hospitals and medical institutions must hire RNs to help keep up with growing patient numbers, and to avoid overworking their staff. If you have experience as an LPN, you will have better access to RN positions with better prospects after completing an LPN to RN program. Your clinical experience and added education will give you better bargaining power.

Additionally, there are more hospitals looking to increase their RN staff. Such facilities offer nursing residencies and educational support to LPNs looking to advance their skills. Try to get more information on such facilities and apply for a job there; you experience as an LPN may increase your chances of landing a training opportunity.

Market Trends

Currently, the trend in nursing is advancing your education; a bachelor’s degree will give you access to more opportunities than an associate’s degree. There are more employers looking at your academic qualifications than before. Additionally, higher educational qualifications help you access better paying jobs where you can negotiate friendlier working conditions. An LPN to RN programs helps you advance your education, and starts you on a path of professional growth.

Profession Advancement Opportunities

An LPN to RN program qualifies you to access different opportunities within the industry, opening up more career advancement options. For example, you have better access to research projects and leadership positions as a registered nurse. Qualifying from an LPN to RN program also creates a pathway for you to pursue a master’s degree, which can open up more opportunities in research and education. You also have a better chance at getting promotions with your employer.

Job Security

The minimum requirements for nursing will keep evolving as the industry changes. Currently, only 17 percent on LPNs work in hospitals. There are more hospitals requiring that their LPNs undertake an LPN to RN programs. An LPN to RN gives you competitive advantage, while giving you better job security with your employer.

Specialization Options

Completing an LPN to RN program gives you more options to tailor your job to match your skills. Once you qualify to work as an RN, you have more freedom in the workplace. For example, you can choose to specialize in pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, surgery or choose to work in the emergency room. If you enjoy a certain type of nursing and would like to gain more skills in that area, consider enrolling into an LPN to RN program.

Start Your Journey Now

An LPN to RN program increases the opportunities you can access. Consider joining the LPN to RN program at Athena Career Academy for a chance to learn under the best teaching professionals in the industry. You also get help with your RN licensing exam, which helps you start working as a RN as soon as possible.