5 Life-Changing Benefits of Entering a Practical Nursing Program

Posted On April 15,2016

If you have a pleasing personality and loves working with people, and you have been searching for a profession that is both rewarding and stable, then practical nursing (PN) might be just the fit for you. Applicants are always in high demand so you too can become a part of this vibrant profession in just three short semesters. Here are five life-changing benefits of entering into a practical pursing program:

Personally Rewarding

Upon the completion of your studies in a state approved program you will be able to proudly display your practical nursing diploma to your friends. This personal milestone automatically grants you entry into the NCLEX-PN, or the National Council Licensure Exams for Pra
nc12_3.jpgctical Nurses. All states require passage of this exam before you can practice. You should also know that, after this minimal academic investment to obtain your license, you can expect your starting salary to be around $42,000.

Job Stability  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall job growth is expected to increase by 14% over the next six years. While that figure is impressive, practical nursing jobs is expected to dwarf that forecast, increasing by a whopping 25%. And yet, salary and growth are only part of the story. Since the practical nursing profession offers so many opportunities for advancement, many candidates quickly move up the ladder to higher positions within their chosen field. 

Your decision to enter the program could be the first step in an exciting career with limitless possibilities. For example, it could be the key to the door of an accelerated program culminating with an Associate Degree in Nursing. 

A Glorious New Beginning

Another attraction that practical nursing has is that states have made it so easy for license holders to move from state to state. Of course, guidelines may differ slightly from state to state too, so be sure to contact the state’s governing board to make sure that the information you have is up to date. Although there is a nationwide shortage of qualified nurses, some states in particular are hotspots for practical nursing job opportunities. They are: Texas, Ohio, Florida, New York, and California.

Your practical nursing license also gives you the opportunity to travel around the globe. Some federal institutions, like the military and health agencies, are desperate for nurses. 

America’s Most Trusted Profession

According to a Gallup poll, nursing is riding a 12-year streak as the country’s most trusted profession. As a part of this noble profession, you’ll have an opportunity to experience the goodwill firsthand. Moreover, you’ll be able to contribute to that reputation.

Contribute to Society

As a practical nurse, your individual contributions will loom large. You will be able to touch the hearts of entire families through the service you render to their loved ones. And that one act of kindness will resonate throughout society, as the arms of goodwill have a broad and extensive reach. 

These are just some of the benefits practical nursing has to offer, but there are many more. So if you think you have what it takes to become a part of a profession that will change your life forever, all you need to do is take the first step. You’ll experience a sense of accomplishment like none other when you receive your certificate. But, more than that, you’ll be getting paid for doing a job you love and feel good knowing that nursing is one of the most stable job markets in the country, with markets like Ohio in particular leading the way in job prospects.

Start Your Journey Now

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