5 Important Things You Should Know as an LPN to RN Student

Posted On July 13,2017


Jumping into something new can be scary especially if you don’t have all the important details. This is the exact reason that makes choosing a career so challenging. It is not like putting in a couple of years in school, trying out a job and bouncing to another if you don’t like it.

Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) is no different. You may think that you have a better understanding of what an RN does based on interactions at the hospital or TV shows. As an LPN to RN student, you may be surprised that there are some vital things that you still don’t know. Here are the important things that you should know.

Transferable Skills

While earning your RN credentials, you are bound to learn many new skills, some of which are transferable. This means that if you decide to move on from the healthcare world someday, you will still have other choices. You will not be limited to working in hospitals or just caring for patients. There are different viable options that former nurses can pursue and these may include teaching, tutoring, and recruiting.

Money Isn’t Everything

As a nurse, you are probably not going into this profession with the idea that you will be rich. Of course, you won’t work for free, either. Your main motivation for becoming a registered nurse shouldn’t be all about the salary. You must first have a passion for helping others and with this desire; your career will be a rewarding one. In addition to the passion, as an LPN to RN student, you should feel a ‘calling’ toward the profession.

Difficult Situations

As an LPN, you are probably used to providing basic nursing care but as an RN, you are going to carry out more advanced tasks. This involves administering medication, treatment and staying in touch with the patients’ families. There will be times when a patient will pass away and you will be required to deliver the bad news to the family. In other cases, you will have to administer treatments that may be uncomfortable to the patient. All these require a strong will and good preparation.

Expect the Unexpected

Yes, the LPN to RN program will prepare you for nursing life, but the fact is that you’ll never be fully prepared. Unexpected situations will occur and they can be life-or-death situations. Every day and every shift are unique. As a new RN, you may not have all the information and so it’s critical to know when to look for answers from your colleagues. When a patient’s life is at stake, there is no shame in asking for help. Each experience will boost your knowledge.

Be a Good Listener

As a registered nurse, you will often be the one issuing orders, offering advice and making sure the patients understand the treatment and medication plans. To be a great RN, you will need to be a good listener. Listening to your patients will help you determine the best way to care for them and make important medical conclusions. Your patients and colleagues will appreciate feeling heard.

Start Your Journey Now

Becoming a registered nurse takes dedication and commitment. As an LPN to RN student, you should close your ears to all the negative sentiments made about being a registered nurse. Not everyone can be a nurse and if you can handle it, you are sure of having a rewarding and fulfilling career. To further expand your opportunities, consider joining the LPN to RN program at Athena Career Academy.