5 Easy Steps to Enrolling into a LPN to RN Program

Posted On July 27,2017


 LPN-RN programs cater to licensed practical nurses looking to advance their education and professional careers. If you work as an LPN, you can use your current education and practical experience to enroll into an LPN-RN program. Through the program, you get to study nursing in depth through an accelerated model. After the LPN-RN program, you can sit for the NCLEX-RN program, which qualifies you to apply for a registered nurse license.

When preparing to enroll into a LPN-RN program, there are a few easy basics you need to understand to help you make your decision:

Identify a LPN-RN Program

You can enroll into two major LPN-RN programs:

  • LPN-ADN Programs

LPN-ADN programs take up to 2 years at vocational schools, community colleges and selected universities, where you qualify for an Associate Degree in Nursing. You get the preparation you need for your RN licensure exam, after which you can apply for entry-level positions as a registered nurse. Once you start working as a RN, you can opt to go back to school to attain your BSN and other advanced degrees.

  • LPN-BSN Programs

LPN-BSN programs are readily available at 4-year colleges and universities. They are more comprehensive as they qualify you for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. An LPN-BSN program gives you a wider knowledge base, where you get to cover multiple nursing courses, and additional courses such as English and Social Sciences. Some programs also offer complimentary classes in leadership, management, problem-solving, leadership and many others.

Once you settle on the right LPN-RN program for you, you can now start the enrollment process, which includes:

Identifying a School

Several nursing institutions offer both physical and online LPN to RN programs. Although specific requirements may differ, some of the general requirements include:

  • Your practical nursing license
  • Successful completion of entrance exams
  • A clean criminal record

If you have the above documents ready, you can start the application process at your chosen school.

Prepare for the Entrance Interview

Many nursing schools offer an entrance interview after a successful application process to assess your suitability to the program. While this can be stressful, the best way to look at the interview process is an opportunity for you to get validation that you chose the right institution. Ask your mentors and other RNs around you to help you prepare for the interview as they may have previous experience with the process.


LPN-RN programs cost money; however, there are several options available to help you finance your studies. Some institutions offer partial or full scholarships to their students. In most cases, the application for such scholarships takes time, which means you might have to wait a while before you can begin your studies. Alternatively, look for employee development programs from your employer. There are several programs within various medical institutions countrywide to help you pay your tuition fees.

School-Life Balance

As an LPN, enrolling into an LPN to RN program means that you have to find time within your busy schedule to attend to course requirements. Successful enrollment means planning your schedule ahead of time and anticipating any distractions that may affect your ability to focus on your studies, professional duties, and family life. This may mean sacrifices such as cutting off some entertainment activities with friends for your studies.

Start Your Journey Now

An LPN-RN program prepares you for the additional responsibilities that come with working as a RN. You also qualify for a salary increment and for professional growth. Consider the LPN to RN program at Athena Career Academy, which offers time and financial flexibility.