4 Tips To Landing Your First Job as a Practical Nurse

Posted On September 20,2018

4 Tips To Landing Your First Job as a Practical Nurse

If you’re looking for a career in the medical field that will provide stable employment as well as personal fulfillment, then you should consider becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN). One of the advantages of becoming an LPN is that you don’t have to go to school for years in order to become one. There are many one- to two-year programs available that you can complete in order to become an LPN, and plenty of demand for LPNs as far as the job market is concerned.

However, just because LPNs are in high demand doesn’t mean that a job will just land in your lap. The following are six tips to help you find a job once you become an LPN:

1. Write a good resume

A good resume is important to creating a strong first impression. It’s what will get your foot in the door, after all. Keep in mind that even with limited experience (or no experience) you can still write a good resume. Make sure that you don’t just use the same resume for every LPN job opportunity you come across. Tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for to suit specific employers. It shows that you’re after that specific job and doing everything you can do to get it.

2. Get a referral

Because you’re a newly minted LPN, you’re not going to have any former employers that can give you referrals. However, you might be able to get a referral from the place where you completed your clinical training during the completion of your program. Be sure to ask as this type of referral can be very beneficial in landing you a job.

3. Don’t limit yourself

Many new LPNs assume that there are only specific places that will hire LPNs, such as nursing homes. However, there are many types of practices and facilities throughout the medical industry that are in need of LPNs, including clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. Be sure to explore different work environments for a better chance at landing a job as an LPN.

4. Attend job fairs

There’s a huge demand for LPNs, which means that many potential employers will actually hold job fairs in order to find suitable candidates. Job fairs are a great place to not only find potential job openings for LPNs, but to make valuable connections as well. These connections could help you find other jobs in the future.

5. Join nursing organizations

There are plenty of local nursing organizations that you should be able to join once you become an LPN. Such organizations exist in almost all major metro areas. It’s a good idea to join one of these organizations as they are a great way to network with others. Additionally, you can find out about potential job openings from members here as well as receive valuable advice about looking for LPN jobs or about pursuing a career as an LPN in general.

6. Lean on your network

The medical community is very close-knit, which means the relationships you develop can help lead to job opportunities. If you’re having trouble finding an opening for an LPN, don’t be afraid to let friends and teachers from your nursing program know what you’re looking for. They may come across information about job openings that they can pass on to you.

These are six tips that will help you find work as an LPN. For information on becoming an LPN or about our nursing program, be sure to contact us at Athena Career Academy in Toledo, OH today.

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