10 Surprising Places Medical Assistants Find Work

Posted On March 17,2020

10 Surprising Places Medical Assistants Find Work

Medical Assistants are a valuable resource to our healthcare system as they not only provide quality patient care but are also trained to manage a large range of tasks. They play an important role as they often serve as a liaison between patients, insurance companies, providers, and specialists.

What are the duties of a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistants are often the first person a patient comes into contact with, whether that’s greeting patients, scheduling appointments, or assisting the physician. Medical Assistants are a unique and valuable member of the healthcare field as they are often cross trained to perform a wide multitude of tasks and skills, including both administrative and clinical duties.

Administrative duties may include:

· Greeting patients and answering phones.

· Scheduling patient appointments.

· Filing medical charts and paperwork.

· Calling laboratories and insurance companies.

· Arranging hospital admissions.

· Ordering office and medical supplies.

· Medical billing and filing charts.

Clinical duties may include:

· Recording patient vital signs.

· Preparing patients for exams.

· Sterilizing medical equipment and prepping exam trays.

· Collecting blood samples and giving injections.

· Performing diagnostic and laboratory tests.

· Administering electrocardiograms (ECG’s).

· Removing sutures and changing dressings.

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Where Does a Medical Assistant work?

While many medical assistants work in doctors’ offices, there are many other options for a Medical Assistant to seek employment opportunities.

Here are 10 surprising places a Medical Assistant might find employment opportunities:

1. Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies hire Medical Assistants to help with administrative work in processing medical claims. In order to work for an insurance company, MA’s should have strong knowledge in ICD-10 and other coding formats.

2. Emergency Departments

For those who enjoy an adrenaline rush, working as an MA and providing care to patients in an emergency department is sure to be an exciting job in a busy, fast-paced environment.

3. Prisons

MA’s may find employment opportunities by providing medical care to inmates in prison or jail infirmaries.

4. Chiropractors

Alternative care or holistic medicine has exploded over the years, creating a need for qualified medical professionals in places like chiropractic offices.

5. Free Clinics

If you have a passion for helping those in need, then working as an MA in a free or low-income based healthcare clinic could be a rewarding career opportunity.

6. Medical Research Centers

Another surprising career option for MA’s is working with researchers who are trying to advance the knowledge of the medical community by helping administer tests to research participants.

7. Clinical Laboratory

For MA’s who enjoy utilizing their lab skills, they may find work opportunities in a laboratory facility which usually involves the collection, preparation, and classification of samples from patients.

8. Home Care

There is a great need for providing quality care to patients in their own homes who are recovering from illness or injury, as well as aging adults with limited mobility who require assistance with daily activities and monitoring.

9. Weight Loss Clinics

For those with a passion in the health and wellness industry, working with patients in a weight loss clinic could be an exciting and rewarding career opportunity.

10. Palliative Care and Hospice Facilities

Medical Assistants may be needed in palliative care facilities to help provide care to patients who are undergoing treatments for serious illnesses, such as cancer. Another option for MA’s is working with terminally ill patients in hospice care.

Becoming a Medical Assistant

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